Tool to Crutch … A Very Slippery Slope

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Tool to Crutch … A Very Slippery Slope

The Spiritual Pathway is a joyous adventure, one that leads to self-awareness and ultimately that connection to the source of all creation. When we incarnate into this reality we came pre-programed with our passions, those aspects of a creative nature that had been worked upon in lifetimes past and were available for us to continue working with this lifetime if we so wished. If tapped into they literally open the channels for the spirit to flow through and manifest within our realities. Unfortunately, Parents, teachers, environment, and culture tend to override those aspects and push them into the inner recesses of our consciousness, accenting instead the physical needs of money and status, career and social demands.


For most of us, there comes a point in time when we realize that there is a richness missing, and we begin to seek it out. Often going through analysis of some sort whether self-imposed or professionally administered. Some will eventually blame their parents for not potty training them correctly, or find some other source of challenges in their lives to blame. Others will come to the realization that it is the aspect of spiritually that is missing within their lives, not religious attendance at church but rather the practice of living those spiritual qualities that have always been within … just not manifested into our realities. And so the spiritual journey begins ….


Self-awareness is the key, the link that connects the consciousness to the higher consciousness, that precious bridge to the creator of all. The process is a slow one, one that is never completely finished in any lifetime for there is always more to learn no matter how advanced you think you are, the consciousness mind is absolutely incapable of comprehending the vastness of all of eternity. Self-discovery is a pathway we all take, and as extensive and eclectic, unique and different as are we … the numbers of getting to self-awareness are just as numerous and unique. Along the way many of us have discovered tools that have helped us find discernment and understanding. We use these tools until the awareness dawns that they are really not needed any more, and so they are discarded in lieu of a better connection, one with the higher self. We give different names or labels to those tools we use for a time. Some use cards, others crystals, some pendulums. And then there are those who give names to their higher consciousness and claim they are guides, guardian angels, and ascended masters, master teachers, anything but a simple connection to the eternal spirit that is carried within and is a direct link to the source of all creation.

Those who use these tools and the façade of connections with “The Masters” are really just not ready to take responsibility for the wisdom they themselves carry within. The spirits we carry within have travelled through time, space and dimension to experience this reality. To use a “tool” to avoid claiming the divinity within is indeed a step towards self-awareness; the problem is that all too often the tool becomes a crutch that is relied upon so much that the real connection is never made and that final sept is never taken. How often have you heard those in the field say they did not have their cards, or pendulum, or guide with them so they could not share that inner wisdom with you? Tools are fine for a time, but when they become the source instead of the channel there is a real problem and no one is growing. At some point in time crutches must be discarded and responsibility taken for information and wisdom … tools and crutches are a part of the childhood phase of spiritual growth … but the time should and must come when we put aside those childhood things and take full responsibility for our connection to the source and fully know ourselves and trust to the power of the spirit that is within instead of reaching outside of ourselves and giving that power away.


Relying on tools diminishes the power of the spirit within and slows you down on your pathway towards self-awareness and your connection to the source of all of creation.