Times of Transition

B - 44


Times of transition are often unsettling and sometimes even feared. There are those that fight change at every turn of the road and finally end up having to make great changes instead of many smaller ones. Transition, change; it’s in the air and the energies swirl, fueled by these energies. The spirit is evolving into greater awareness and moving into new dimensions of understanding. There is much change going on within the energy of everyone. Some will dig in their heels and fight it, while others will embrace it and welcome the changes it brings. Transition means you can literally redefine yourself and move in new directions open yourself to the greater potentials the universe has for you. It is a time of growth and celebration. For those who choose to fight it and not grow, there will eventually be the feeling of isolation as others grow beyond them. For those who choose to flow with the energy and trust that the universe knows what it is doing there is expansion and new beginnings.