Reflection of Love

B - 28


All will, in their own way, reflect on the love and loves within their lives. This is a most important element within our spirits for universal love is the fuel of all of creation. It was within this energy that all souls were created and then scattered throughout the cosmos to begin journeys that will one day return us to the source, the creator. Each of us has within us a spark, an infinitesimal speck of the creator and the universal, unconditional love that created us. Deep within the souls memory there rests a remembrance of that moment of unconditional love in which the spark of the creator was bestowed upon us. It is the echo of that love through time that has, and will continue to act as a compass, guiding us through lifetime after lifetime towards our journeys end, gathering along the way experiences of unconditional love, that fuel the inner specks and fan them into a flame of understanding and compassion for all of humanity.