New Aspects of Consciousness

B - 25


This is the dawning of a new aspect of our consciousness, a time when we move from pondering aspects to actually manifesting them. A time, when we are obligated to walk our talk, or a time to keep quiet and regroup. This is a time when those who are not walking their inner truths will be called upon to justify and correct their actions. Humanity comes to a time when the inner and the outer reflections of a spirit must be in synchronicity, they must represent accurately reflections of each other. Those who do not or cannot become reflections of the inner truths they carry will fall from favor in the physical realms and those who have quietly been walking their inner truths will break from the crowd. The new awareness that is available to all will require those who do not speak from honesty and integrity to withdraw until they can find the spiritual aspects within themselves. All will have clearer vision and be able to identify those who are not ready to move into the new awareness that is enveloping us all. Those who refuse to blend with that energy will be isolated by it until they find the light within. This is a wonderful time in which the truth within each of us draws us all into new realms of love, compassion and understanding. This is a time of opening to and experiencing new levels of the spiritual energies that are ever around us. A time in which much will change and what doesn’t change will expand and evolve into greater energetic than ever before. We are moving into a time of expansion on levels not before recognized, exploration into dimensions unseen and understanding and insight into the human spirit not even conceived of before.