B - 33


Memories –   Universal energies swirl around you bringing you memories of the ancestors past and those who are still with you. This is a time of pulling together those memories. Old pictures and gatherings will awaken memories and stories of the past. Record them, remember them, and embrace the love and laughter they awaken within you. The ancestors gifted you each with much wisdom and great lessons. Reach back and find them and bring those wisdom’s and gifts into this reality. The courage and strength it took in the first place is also a part of your heritage. For those who have no records or memories, times of quiet thought and meditation will awaken within you memories of lifetimes past, which also bring the wisdom and gifts into your realities. This is a time to honor those who brought you to this point in time; gathering with those who are still here is a wonderful way to start, but not the only way. The act of silently honoring those who in many cases are nameless works just as well and the thought is as good as the deedMemories