Labels tend to Limit

Labels tend to limit

All of us from one time to another applied labels to ourselves to help to define who we are and/or what we do.  The help to identify aspects of our lives and pinpoint skills that we have.  While they can be useful from time to time to focus us, there is also the danger that they can also limit us and the potential we bring into this lifetime.  The label you apply to yourself can become restricting and in many cases hold you back and prevent you from growing or seeking new aspects to be developed and expanded into.  I have often heard people say they are just this or just that and have allowed themselves to be restricted to the label applied to themselves.  If you should ever catch yourself saying you are just, anything, take a step back and consider applying a new label to yourself to allow for the expansion of the spirit. 


Those who live within a label run the same risk actors do that have been type cast, playing the same role over and over again.  There is always the tendency to become so comfortable in one’s space we forget we are here to grow and expand our wisdom and gifts.  So, when you find yourself repeating the same label over and over again consider expanding it to allow broader horizons to become your goals.


To become content, you run the risk of not reaching for the cosmic gifts that require growth and the wisdom of time.  Those who become students of the cosmos will never run out of space to grow, for that is limitless.

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