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Global Pyramid Conference



This conference is a collection of magical people from all over the world who have focused on the many different aspects and attributes of the pyramids.  Using all o they’re different modalities the delve into the depths of the unknown to bring light to these amazing structures that hold mysteries from the past to enlighten the present and evolve us into the future that beckons us ever forward.



The purpose of the great stone pyramids of ancient civilizations remains a mystery.  Although pyramids are sometimes reputed to have certain powers or energies associated with them, documented evidence is scarce, and scientific theory is lacking.  Evidence is shown that pyramidal structures collect or allow what may be a novel form of energy–cosmic energy or bioenergy–to flow in an unusual manner, producing a variety of unanticipated effects unexplainable by conventional science.  The restoration of razor blades to sharpness; rapid drying and preservation of foods; accelerated healing of human injuries and sick animals; and increased growth of plants with larger biomass are some of these effects.

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Barbara DeLong