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Haunted Healings with Kelly Kelleher

June 19 @ 10:00 pm - 11:55 pm

To listen to the show live please click here

Kelly Kelleher is a Psychic Healer, Author, Muse and Ordained Minister.  She works with Angels, Spirits and Guides from the universes and respects, acknowledges and works with every Sacred Path.  Kelly’s healing power derives from Pure Unconditional Love and Light and she believes everyone is endowed with the power to improve their lives through their inherent sacred gifts and capabilities.  She says, “Everyone is capable of healing the world and each other with those gifts.”

Haunted Healings is a several thousand year old tradition that works with every religion and culture to bless, cleanse, heal, understand and effect change on the physical and spiritual planes.  Haunted Healings also recognizes the intimate and seamless relationship between our sacred soul, our vibration and our sacred gifts with the divine.

Her book, Haunted Healings, is available on Amazon Kindle while her next book, In Between, is scheduled for release in June 2020.  In addition, her global outreach group, Haunted Healings, assists anyone experiencing paranormal situations or haunting circumstances.

Facebook – Kelly Kelleher

Facebook Group – Haunted Healings

Website – https://hauntedhealings1.wixsite.com

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