Self Help

We are Magnets

July 26, 2018

  We are Magnets We are energy, energy vibrates and radiates, it sends out signals that are recognized by other energies, and those who are on the same frequency are attracted to us.  To put it mote simply, we are magnets and we attract to us not what we want but what we are, how…

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Labels tend to Limit

April 16, 2018

Labels tend to limit All of us from one time to another applied labels to ourselves to help to define who we are and/or what we do.  The help to identify aspects of our lives and pinpoint skills that we have.  While they can be useful from time to time to focus us, there is…

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October 14, 2015

  Affirmations have long been a tool used to create changes in the patterns that are a part of our lives.  It has long been an accepted fact that our perceptions create our realities and affirmations are one way to shift our focus and enlighten our realities.  A very good friend of mine, Mary Peeler,…

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Age of Spirit

August 21, 2014

  There is a new time upon us, an age of spirit, one in which we become co creators of our universe and reality. When we were blinked into creation there was a link that was formed between us and the source of our creation. This lifetime we have the opportunity to add a link…

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