Beware the New Age “Snake Oil Salesmen”


Beware the New Age “Snake Oil Salesmen”

I find it a bit sad that there is a need to point out the fact that old adage that if we don’t pay attention to history we are doomed to repeat it in one form or another. I am a bit horrified that the snake oil salesmen are becoming more and more a part of the “New Age”, “Light Worker”, “Spiritual Counselor” venues. Some of you may not be familiar with the phrase “Snake Oil Salesmen” so here’s the definition according to Dave


“A “snake oil salesman” is somebody that sells an item that claims to have some miraculous powers. This product is usually accompanied by a tremendous amount of hype. In an attempt to help push their products, the “snake oil salesman” will usually utilize planted accomplices who will claim that the product actually works.”


We’ve all see them advertised on the Internet … Blessed by Ascended Masters, containing blessings of “Healing and Abundance”, imbued with “Power and Energy”, Will connect you to the other side so you can communicate with the spirits of loved ones who have passed over or even vanquish evil energies or negative energies that are slowing your progress on your spiritual path way

If someone is on the internet advertising this kind of material you can be very sure they are selling you one form of snake oil or another. Not only that, they are taking advantage of the fact that many will look for the short cut to enlightenment and be swayed by their hype. These individuals are out for profit, looking for those who don’t want to do the work themselves. If they had any real authenticity or value or worth, if they themselves were on a spiritual pathway, they would be sharing their knowledge and insight unconditionally, without charge.

When individuals are truly on the spiritual pathway to self-awareness and they are walking their talk humbly and without seeking the glory that often comes with enlightenment … then they are worth listening to and gaining some of their own inner truths. Often a fair exchange is fair but manipulation through claims that are false is a blatant fraud and not worth your attention, let alone your money.


Those who are sincerely on the Spiritual pathway do not push themselves or their talents, they are not looking for income but rather enlightenment. Those who seek the money and look for spirit to support them are locked in the physical realms and more likely will remain there because that is where their focus is. The journey to enlightenment is a singular one and unique to every individual, we all know that the power and the talent within and it is up to us to progress along that inner journey alone. There are no short cuts, no commercial tools that will help us avoid the pit falls that everyone will and must experience. The Teacher is within and when each learns to listen to their own, progress is made.


The Snake Oil Salesmen are ever present, each generation creating their own, and those who are praying upon the Spiritual or New Age movement are despicable, and most especially those who focus on innocent children who just don’t know any better. Don’t get involved but watch … when you don’t adhere to the spiritual philosophies the universe withdraws support. Often you’ll see many who change their labels or titles in an effort to pull the wool over your eyes, and sell you something that is less than worthless, and could even deter your progress along the spiritual pathway, it will absolutely deter them.