Affirmations have long been a tool used to create changes in the patterns that are a part of our lives.  It has long been an accepted fact that our perceptions create our realities and affirmations are one way to shift our focus and enlighten our realities.  A very good friend of mine, Mary Peeler, is a master of creating and collecting affirmations.  Below are some she has gathered … 


p.s. proper use of affirmations means your repeat them as frequently as you can during the day (without being obnoxious).  Give yourself a few weeks to see real difference in you lives. 



1. Thank you for all my blessings and all the blessings I am receiving. Joe Vitale


2. Each and every day in every single way I am getting better and better. This is from the one of the fathers of affirmations, Emile Coue


3. I truly accept the world the way it is. By becoming detached, I reach a higher level of energy within me. Stuart Wilde




1. Thank YOU for this opportunity to share prosperity. Catherine Ponder – my favorite affirmation of all time.


2. Riches and Wealth are the offspring of thought and I always choose abundance as my rightful inheritance. Mary Peeler


3. Let there be peace within my walls and prosperity within my palaces. Catherine Ponder


4. I now have the perfect job, that I love, working with the people I love and who love me, earning a boat load of money. Peter Boyle – Everyone loves Raymond


Love Affirmations


1. I am surrounded by love. All is well. Louise Hay


2.My partner is the love of my life. We adore each other. Louise Hay


3.Today I joyfully abandon my old fears and negativity and am instead happily embracing the positive possibilities. Mary Peeler


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