Why is earth filled with so much wrong-doing, all sorts of disease and pain?


Why is earth filled with so much wrong-doing, all sorts of disease and pain? –  I don’t accept that the world is filled with the above. I will admit that they do exist and for the most part all are caused by humanity. Wrong doing is a result of us exercising our free will and not accepting the responsibilities for our actions. As for the disease, most of it if not all have been caused by our abuse of the environment and our bodies. Humanity was given a pristine planet in which none of the above existed and, in our ignorance and in some cases avarice and greed we have created all of the above. Instead of bemoaning all that is wrong, the focus should be in what is good and right. We are very much capable of righting the wrongs and curing the diseases if we focus in the correct directions, instead of grabbing for power and control. It is my personal belief that many of the diseases have been cured but organizations such as big pharma and the government have hidden and discredited them for their own selfish reasons. Almost every time something of great worth has been invented the government looks for a way to weaponized it.

If you think we are surrounded by wrong-doing, disease and pain look for ways to change them instead of complaining. As a species we caused them and as a species/family we can cure them and turn it all around. I’ve heard some say that our reality is hell on earth … I don’t perceive it that way. We have now and always have had the ability to change our realities. I’ll grant you it is easier to complain than to take responsibility and work to make the changes that will put all of humanity back on track. We have isolated ourselves each from the other. We have compartmentalized ourselves by culture, religion, economic status and color …we need to blend rather than divide and then we will heal the wounds that we as a whole have inflicted upon ourselves.

We have created our realities and can change them if we want. It will take working on ourselves personally, gaining greater self-awareness and waking up to the fact that we are one family and as such should blend rather than separate, welcome rather than isolate and love rather than hate. We are taught bigotry, hate, greed, and abuse by our environment and the examples set by teachers and parents. The one thing we know at birth is love … everything else is a learned behavior. Let’s start teaching and focusing on the positive, let’s start taking responsibility and making the changes needed for returning ourselves and the planet back to the healthy and positive aspects that have always been our choices

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