Whispers of Spiritual Wisdom

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Among your diverse spiritual revelations and endeavors, what prompts you to write, Whispers of Spiritual Wisdom?

Actually, “Whispers of Spiritual Wisdom” wasn’t the book that I thought that I would publish first, but going with the flow is something I do these days so here it is. I had thought that I would write a book that was philosophy for the times. In retrospect Whispers was really the way to go. With the times that are upon us no one has the time to wade through heavy duty spiritual philosophy but they do have the time to read short spiritual vignette’s and short (hopefully) thought provoking poetry.


Now that you hold this finished book in print, how do you see it as a source of and also a trigger for wisdom? Anything prompt you to listen more to the flow here?


I look upon Whispers as a sort of seed catalog of spiritual philosophies, I hope it plants seeds within the consciousness of those who read it so that they can nurture the wisdoms into manifesting within their own personal realities guides by the inner spirit we all carry. Nothing really prompted me so much as it just happened and I flowed with it. I have found that when I go with the flow the ride is less bumpy and far more enjoyable. That it just happened to be meant … it was time for it to be manifested.


How do you come to compile these poems and writings? Is it a kind of stepping stone to the unforeseen events or already designated projects?


Actually nothing was written expressly for this book. Rather it is a collection of work that I have done over the years and it just seemed to fit together like the pieces of a puzzle, so in a way it created itself. It did however, cause me to look at a lot of what I have done in a far different light and so it opened the portal to publication for me. It is the first in a series of Whisper books as well as other books that are in the works as we speak.


In essence, writing is for me a way of channeling wisdom from the higher consciousness and it is always a great learning experience … one I enjoy sharing with anyone who can get anything out of it as well. At this time there are three or four new books in the process and I’m sure as time goes on there will be more.


why is this the perfect moment to bring this particular book into being? How does it speak through you?


I feel this is the perfect moment for Whispers to come out because in a way it almost did itself. Also , with the changes in our reality that are manifesting every day, everyone is looking for answers for the changes hat logic and reason just don’t supply. We need to all realize that we are at a time of change, a time when the spiritual and the scientific are becoming more greatly entwined. The spiritual has usually been something that was quietly kept in the background and of a very personal nature. Today it is more and more something that is not only talked about openly but shared on levels that twenty years ago would have been unheard of. What better time to plant seeds of wisdom and hope?

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