What is an Energy Vampire?

 What is an Energy Vampire? – Energy vampires actually do exist, unlike the legends of antiquity however they are not dealt with in the same manner. Wooden stakes through the heart, beheading, holy water and silver or even sunlight have no power over them and are in some cases are a bit illegal.

Energy or psychic vampires are those people who drain your energy. They are the ones who only take and never give in relationships. The ones who only care and talk about themselves and care not for your feelings or situations. They may call you friend but it is not balanced at all and unless the focus is on them they lose interest and drift off. These are the people that exhausted you and literally suck you dry. But – they are also a lesson that forces you to learn the meaning of relationship and friendship and how balance is important in all aspects of your life. You can’t cure them or change them but you can change yourself. They are indications that you don’t have the correct balance in your life and perhaps it is a signal for you to look for friends that are more cheerleaders than drains.

These individuals are drawn by your energy and use it for themselves. They don’t know how to energize themselves by going within and connecting to that source of all creation. Spiritual energy and vital energy drawn from others is easier and requires no work on their part. They may well be nice people but they don’t know how to give and are always seeking out others who will listen and feel sorry for them, those who will enable them so they don’t have to do their own inner work.

The best way to deal with these individuals is to slowly drift away, to not enable them by listening to the same problems over and over again, change the subject and don’t allow them to fall into past patterns. They will seek out easier marks eventually without any drama. Gently focus on creating a better balance within your own reality and you’ll find they are less and less drawn to you and you, in turn, will feel a greater vibrancy within your environment because of a better balance within.

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