What do dreams teach us, if anything?

What do dreams teach us, if anything?

Thank you, Diane, for this question

Our dreams are the portal to our higher consciousness, the spirit within.  When we sleep our consciousness passes through many layers of awareness, one of them being alpha/theta.  At that point in consciousness we have the ability to tap into that cosmic awareness that is within us.  It is also at this point that the spirit within is able to seed our consciousness with inspiration and insight, to give us answers to inner questions and to help us to see the potential that is carried within.  Dreams don’t actually “teach” us but they do provide us with hints as to those directions that would benefit us to move in for the greatest good of the spirit within.  Of course, we always have free will so we can choose to not follow those directions.


Inspiration often comes in the form of dreams.  There are books on the subject and many very creative individuals report that ideas came in the form of dreams that led to most creative endeavors that benefited them greatly.  Dreams can give us the answers we seek, the solace we need, the directions for joy and the connection that all of us are searching for whether or not we are aware of it.   Keeping track of your dreams is a wonderful way of connecting to that aspect within.  When we are in this level of consciousness that Spirit within is able to give us symbols and answers that applies to us alone and our individual journey through this lifetime.  Keeping track of these symbols and suggestions, is a way to establish communication with our link to cosmic consciousness and the spirit that is traveling within us this lifetime.  It is important to write down these impressions as soon as you wake up because once full consciousness is gained those symbols and hints fade away into the subconsciousness.


It has been said often and by many that the answers to all our questions rests within us.  That the road map for this lifetime, rests within.  That we hold all resolutions within.  And it’s the truth, not just some cop out to avoid giving you all that information.  The activating element to the human body is that seed of the divine, the spirit within each of us.  It is the spirit, that etheric element that travels through each incarnation and gathers wisdom through the human element.  It is a fully developed spirit, a master on all levels, and our connection to the source of all creation.  When we are in conscious state our ego takes on the job of direction and choices.  The ego has only the knowledge of this lifetime to draw from as a frame of reference to make choices and decisions.  So often our choices made from this level are more focused on the intellect and past experience of this lifetime, and often they do mot benefit the journey the spirit is on.  So often we make choices from a loop of experience that frequently repeats itself over and over again. 


When connecting to the spirit within through dreams and insights that come as inspirations we draw from the experience of countless lifetimes and from a source that is very aware of the directions, we need to travel in order to evolve into.  The spirit within usually gives you hints and it is up to you to apply them to your reality, using your creativity to discover the magic that rests within.  Direct yes and no answers are not the form this information takes but rather philosophies and suggestions for development that will enable you to solve what is in front of you.


Keeping tract of “coincidents” , dreams, insights and inspirations in writing helps to cement them into this reality, and enables you to expand upon them and apply them to the situations at hand.  The better you are at note taking the easier it is to connect to that spirit within and gain the benefit of the ages.  We have free will so it is up to each to determine how much or how little they benefit from what is readily available to everyone. 


Dreams don’t teach us …they provide the portal to the spirit within and cosmic consciousness but it is up to the individual whether or not they step across… take a step, you have nothing to loose but everything to gain.

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