What can I say or do when a person believes their present life is all there is?

What can I say or do when a person believes their present life is all there is? –   Everyone has their own set of personal, inner truths that they have learned from teachers, parents, religion, culture and the environment and life experiences that they have gathered. Those truths are unique to each individual and do not apply to anyone else. It is not our job or obligation to try and sway another or to educate them to our truths or beliefs. It is true that we create our reality by our perceptions of it, it is also true that what our expectations of the death experience are is what we initially experience when we leave this dimension.


We need to honor the beliefs of others, even when they are not harmonious with our own … The sharing of philosophies is an amazing experience and many find aspects that can be applied to their own truths so long as you don’t try to correct them or shove your own down their throats. As we spiritually evolve our perceptions change and our inner truths alter according to what is appropriate for us and the journey our spirit is upon.


It really doesn’t matter what a person “thinks” about the afterlife. Thoughts are of the consciousness and linked to the physical plane. What is so much more important is what the spirit “knows” for that is linked to the higher consciousness and the source of all creation. After all we are not a human on a spiritual journey but rather a spirit on a human journey. We take on the reality we are in and gather the lessons needed for the evolution of our spirits.


Each in their own time and way let go the physical and embrace the spiritual, it is not for us to try to influence or change another’s truth for all in the end will blend and be one with the cosmos, we just have our own private pathway to follow.

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