What are the Spiritual Reasons for being Depressed?

 What are the Spiritual Reasons for being Depressed?  –   I don’t really believe that there are spiritual reasons for depression, however, I do believe that depression is often the indication that you have not followed the pathway that your spirit had intended you to. Often we exercise free will and in so doing deviate from our pathway. Sometimes we get so caught up in intellectualizing our direction that we forget to consider how we really feel about our choices. In a way we sort of go off track for a time. When we follow that inner map that was drawn before we incarnated into this plane things sort of just fall into place for us. When we decide to take control of our own evolution and life we often go off path for a time and then we begin to feel as if we are hitting our heads against a brick wall. Life is in many ways a struggle and nothing seems to just flow. When we consult with the spirit within and allow ourselves to go with the flow then life takes on a new vibration. The intellect and the feeling aspects of our decision process need to be balanced and when they are depression is just not present because of the inner joy that is generated by the balance we carry within.

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