theta dna healing strands with light

The simple answer is yes, there is spiritual DNA. Science hasn’t actually agreed with that however, but it will come in time believe me. I want to provide you with a bit of foundational insight of what we’re talking about, without getting too technical (trust me, that isn’t going to happen).


It has been common knowledge that we all have 12 strands of DNA within us. There are 2 considered to be active physical strands and an additional 10 energetic strands that are dormant at this time, and because scientists didn’t know what they were for they have labeled them “junk DNA.”


The main purpose/role of DNA is to provide long term storage of information. This information contains instructions needed to construct other components of cells. The parts of the DNA that carry genetic information are called the Genes, other parts or sequences are involved in regulating the use of genetic information.

In essence our DNA is the actual blueprint for everything in our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. If replication were possible all one would need is a sample of the DNA to produce an exact copy, a bit scary actually.


I have found in looking into DNA that the philosophies are varied and in some cases unusual. If you go with pure science, “at least 97% of our DNA, is considered to be “junk” DNA; the 3% left is regarded to be the quota where resides the “valid” codes of information in our bodily system. The Astronomer Carl Sagan once said that our 97% of unusable DNA is just “genetic gibberish””. So let’s go metaphysical, “the 97% is not junk, nor is it unusable. This unexplored space in our DNA Codex contains an incredible amount of information very usable at the Soul Level; but in Humanity, this potential is still mostly dormant in our prospective development and evolution.


It is theorized that the “original Humans”, had 12 Strands of DNA actively working and maintaining the full function of the Human as a physical and Spiritual Being. Over the eons we became more and more preoccupied with left brained thinking, throwing that precious balance within off and shutting down most of those strands. The consequences of this loss are that we live in a spiritually deficient society and our intuitive and healing abilities have been hugely reduced. It has also resulted in us only accessing and using a very small part of our brains. Closing us off of a wealth of information, wisdom and knowledge on every aspect of ourselves, our world and all of life.


It is well known in the spiritual arenas that the earth is going through a huge series of vibrational shifts, stretching all to new levels of awareness and comprehension of the soul journeys we are on. As the earths energies expand we all have the opportunity to expand our consciousness’s as well. This sort of shift can and has caucused many to find themselves confused and often in chaos. This shift also opens us to great opportunities to grow, expand and evolve. We come closer and closer to the possibility of activating those strands that are dormant and reclaim the potential that has always been a part of the human spirit. As this process progresses we create a more evolved nervous system that allows new information to move into our consciousness. Elements of our brain cells are being awakened so that we can be able to access our full body potential. As this process proceeds our memories are opened and we evolve as our DNA transforms us into conscious Multidimensional Beings. How long this entire process takes is up to the individual and for some it will be much faster than others. Each in their own time.


It has been said that within the dormant DNA strands past life information and the Akashic records are stored. This brings a whole new meaning to the term “Hall of records”. It makes great sense to me that those records and information are carried within and that we need only balance ourselves and go within to connect to the source in order to awaken those portals to the information we all seek.
Our 12 strands of DNA work in pairs and their esoteric meanings have been described below.


First Pair – The Backbone – the physical aspects of the human body. They direct genetic patterning. They denote the predispositions of the individual to certain conditions such as aging, health, metabolism and general life structure. This pair is also responsible for the external characteristics one has, such as color of the hair, skin, etc.


Second Pair – Etheric DNA – This pair is the well spring for the emotional aspects, as well as the behaviors the individual can act and react to emotional patterns. This pair responds intuitively to the personality (the ego). The activation of this pair enables the individual to operate with greater perspective through the mind.


Third Pair – Psychic DNA – This pair defines how the mental energy will be used in direct thought: linear, logic, intuitive, artistic or emotional thinking. These are a very important part of the mind. The activation of this pair can enable an individual to perceive other realities and to think in abstractive terms.


Forth Pair – Anima DNA or soul DNA – This pair contains the Karma (lessons) and the Dharma (purpose of this life). Within this pair is the predisposition patterns carried by the soul throughout all of time. The Karma, the unfinished energies and open projects of the soul are also contained within this pair.


Fifth Pair – Astral DNA – This is the basin where all the electromagnetic influences of our Solar system are integrated with the gravitational force determined by the place one was born. These records can be easily read on a personalized astral chart, or astral maps.


Sixth Pair – Cosmic DNA – Within this pair we store all the potential to create and to recreate ourselves. This is the master point of the connection between the individual and the entire cosmic Universe. It is from this pair that our ability to manifest “miracles comes from”.


It is written that in antiquity humans had all these pairs fully activated, they are indeed a part of our original Divine blueprint. As we lost connection to many of these pairings, activation of them was used as a rite of passage in the ancient mystery school traditions to initiate high priests and priestesses. Activating your dormant DNA, which in time will also give you access to the secrets and mysteries of which you are and what your life-purpose is, will allow you to realize your full potential here on Earth.

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