Is Reincarnation a punishment?

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Reincarnation is an honor and a gift. Without Reincarnation our souls have no way to experience the challenges and lessons that remove the veils of ignorance and allow greater enlightenment to flow into our spirits. Each lifetime is a stepping stone towards greater awareness and a closer relationship with the source of all creation. Without reincarnation our spirits are in a holding pattern and don’t progress in the ascension process. It is of course a choice for each spirit and many may spend longer that most on the other side before they reincarnate … but it is the only way for the spirit to reunite with the source.


There are many who feel that they are enlightened enough so they aren’t coming back to the earth plane. Often these are individuals who have had difficult challenges and who have struggled within this lifetime. They forget or don’t know that the struggles are the lessons necessary for the growth of the spirit within and the decision for a return trip is up to the spirit, not the physical personality. But they are right on one point, their personality will not return to the earth plane but more likely than not the spirit will, and when the experiences provided by the earth plane are all gathered then there are other planets, realms and dimensions to be used as stepping stones on our journey’s.

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