Is nature or the climate really changing?

 Is nature or the climate really changing? –  There is a rhythm and a pattern to humanity, the earth, and the cosmos … to all of creation. We cycle through that pattern over and over again, each time with subtle changes yet holding to that pattern none the less. According to the Bible the earth is about 6,000 years old (give or take). According to scientists the earth is about 4.543 billion years old (with an error margin of 50 million years one way or the other). Whichever number you choose to take it is obvious that we do not have weather or climate records for that entire period of time. While it appears that the climate is shifting and changing, and as far as my memory serves it is, in reality we are in a cycle of perhaps thousands of years. Looking at the small picture of hundreds of years, sure it is changing … expanding the picture to thousands or millions of years … probably not. Our lifetimes are short in comparison to that of the earth, our memories shorter yet. We are changing and evolving and our cycles are expanding with awareness. We are a small speck in comparison to all of creation. So to answer to the question, yes the climate is changing in human memory. But, climate is repeating a cycle that it has experienced thousands perhaps millions of times and will continue to cycle long after man has evolved to the next level or dimension of awareness.

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