Is Everyone Psychic?

Is Everyone Psychic? –   The term psychic applies to people who demonstrate ESP or extrasensory perception which is perception occurring independently of sight, hearing, or other sensory processes. Everyone has the potential to exercise and develop this aspect of the human condition, but not everyone does so. Many have had the feeling they knew who was on the phone before it rang, or just “knew” someone was coming before the doorbell rang. Others have premonitions or dreams that come true and still others experience Deja vous in places they have not ever visited. All are forms of being psychic and everyone is capable of using those elements within their lives.

In order to develop this quality you use it, pay attention to it and validate it within your life. The journey to fully developing this aspect requires study and going within to fully understand yourself and becoming more sensitive to your place within your reality and your connection to all of humanity. The more sensitive you are to yourself, to the effects of your words and actions towards others the more sensitive you become to others, their emotions and the energies that radiate from them. It is a lifetime of work, realizing self-awareness and to serve as you evolve.

It is also a joyful celebration of connecting to that element of the source that is carried within and sharing the cosmic dance of creation with everyone you connect with. You get out of it in direct proportion to what you invest in it.

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