I Study, I Meditate, I Pray…so why is there no motion in my life? What am I doing wrong?

I Study, I Meditate, I Pray…so why is there no motion in my life?  What am I doing wrong?

Thank you, George, for this question

So far you aren’t doing anything wrong, all of the above are great techniques for acquiring knowledge and wisdom on spiritual philosophies.  For the most part they are all intellectual aspects and deal with the mind which is of the physical realms.  However, if your object is to seek higher levels of consciousness and a greater spiritual awareness … then your process is missing a couple of steps.  “knowing” material is one thing, gathering certificates for the completion of classes is another.  They speak of the intellect, not the spirit.  Prayer is asking for something usually instead of recognizing you already have the power within to accomplish what ever your goals are.  We all have the wisdom and the tools but that doesn’t open the pathway to spiritual evolution or ascension of spirit.  One needs to take the knowingness and evolve it into becoming it.  It is in the becoming the wisdom you carry within that the process really begins to flow.


The spirit within, that seed of the source of all creation is within all of us.  Complete and whole, evolved and wise.  That spirit resided within our bodies and rides and experiences through our passage through this physical reality.  Our body is very much like a car …it is a vehicle created for motion.  For that “Motion” to take place we need to fuel the car.  To get physical “Motion” from our bodies we need to fuel it with sustenance/food, to get spiritual “Motion” we need to fuel ourselves with creativity.  Creativity is the element that reflects the source of all creation.  There are many different ways to product this energy for creativity takes on countless forms.  The most important element of this process though, is that you get joy out of the element of creation.  This cannot be creativity that you are paid for in any way for in that case you have already been compensated for your work.  It needs to be creation for the sheer joy of creation and the spirit is fueled and magic happens.  It can be simple like coloring or intricate like putting an engine together …it just has to evoke the feeling of peace and joy within you and “motion” takes you on a journey of awareness and wonder.


Becoming the wisdom you have gathered and then fueling it into manifestation with creativity is the key to the portals you seek…

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