How Does One Become a Psychic?

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How does one become a Psychic?

The question often comes up, “How do I become a psychic”. Each of us has the ability. We all have experienced flashes of insight and can’t explain where they came from or have had a “dé ja vu” experience — knowing you have been somewhere or done something exactly the same before. The channels are within everyone; it’s just a matter of developing them. There are tons of classes that claim they can teach you to be psychic, the truth is, each of us has a different pathway to opening that doorway within. I could tell you the steps I took and even if you replicated them exactly you might not get the same results.


Don’t panic, I’m going to give you some clues. There are wonderful books out there that will give you lots of information and philosophy, and all the “buzz” words that will enable you to talk a good talk. In reality they are very valid and accurate, but only for the one who wrote the book, because it was their pathway and their threshold.


If you really want to develop this quality within you, the work begins with you and the way you are living your life. First you need to find that spiritual spark within and gently nurture it into a flame that will light your path. Work on yourself and how you deal with others; become more aware of the impact of your words and gestures and how simple it is to give positive reinforcement without giving an opinion. By becoming more aware of yourself and the direction you are taking your spiritual development, you begin to open the doorway to greater insight into yourself. An added benefit is that you become more sensitive to others. It is a long road and one that is always evolving as you stretch yourself.


I have mentioned spiritual several times and I want to be clear that this is not connected in any way to a Religion. The spiritual side of an individual has to do with the manner in which we honor the spirit in others while expanding our manifestation of our own spiritual side. You don’t have to put on white robes and go to mountain tops, though there are those who do. It’s a matter of living your life in the light of the spirit within and never judging another. That’s easy to say, but can be difficult to do.


Expanding your wisdom through reading books, going to classes, are valuable, but aren’t the only answer. Life experience and insight into yourself — and using your new sensitivity — opens doors. Becoming more sensitive to yourself first and then to others, enables you to “read” situations and circumstances. The more sensitive you become to yourself the less you rely on your ego and it is when you are able to let go of your ego for a time that the psychic capabilities are able to function. By stepping away from your ego, you open yourself to other realms that have been there all along, yet weren’t visible because of the grounding aspect of the ego.



To anyone who is on this pathway, a reminder is in order. No matter what you see remember that it is filtered through your experiences and your level of spirituality. Be sure that anything you share is of a positive nature because the spiritual is always positive and giving. I have always found that the readings I give are a direct reflection of where I am. I make very sure I don’t read if it’s been a bad day or if I’m not feeling well. With full awareness that everything you say to another plants a seed, make sure you are coming from a place of light and that what you give others reflects that light.


There are a few other suggestions I’d like to offer when dealing with the spiritual realm. When one is able to put aside their ego and read for others, they must take care. There is responsibility and power involved. This is a field where you are held accountable on a cosmic level, and there is nowhere to hide if your insights are used unwisely. What goes around comes around. Being psychic is a gift. It will enrich your life and enlighten you in ways unimaginable. It also puts you under a cosmic microscope, so be careful. Have fun with it and always keep it positive and full of laughter. The moment you get too serious or somber, the door slams shut and waits for you to lighten up — after all — it is called enlightenment.


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