How do You Tell a Good Spiritual Teacher From a Bad One?

spiritual teacher

 How do You Tell a Good Spiritual Teacher From a Bad One? –  It has been written that, “for every student there is a teacher, and, for every teacher there is a student,” I couldn’t agree more.  I also believe that the perfect teacher for every individual is within and that it is that direction that leads us to the source and self-awareness we are all searching for. Because we are all unique and individual what works for one will not necessarily work for another.  The spirit within has the road map for this lifetime, no one else has it. 


Finding a good spiritual guide is a better choice, one who can share the universal laws and energies with you and give you the space to apply them to your lives as is appropriate for you on an individual level.  You don’t teach spirituality, you allow and welcome it into your reality and apply it to your life.  You learn by trial and error and grow as you go.  This is an inward journey and one only you can do.  Over time all of us have been taught that we need teachers to impart wisdom and knowledge to us, and in an academic setting where reciting facts back to a teacher is an indication of learning I guess you could say they are required.  However, spirituality is a very different aspect of life.  Spirituality is an application of wisdom gathered, walking and living your inner wisdoms and talk.  Teachers can’t teach this.  Spirituality implies a more spiritual philosophy towards your life and your impact on relationships and your reality … teachers can’t teach you this it is something that comes from a deeper understanding of our inner relationship with each other and our obligations to ourselves, our reality and our environment …teachers do not teach this.


there are those who offer classes and certificates that grant levels of competence in spiritual modalities. A piece of paper and/or several days of participation in a group or class in no way qualify you to demonstrate a level of spirituality. How you live your life, have compassion towards others, and interact within your lives is a testimony to your level of spirituality … your life is the indication of how deeply you have worked with the spirit within … walking and living your inner philosophies is a testimony of your spirituality. You are the teacher you’re looking for.

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