How do I find my soul Mate?

Relationship is an area that most of us find to be a focus at sometime within our journeys each lifetime. There is an inner desire, pull if you will to find someone to share our lives with and to create the foundation for a family experience with. Depending on where you are in the evolutionary process you are either looking for a partner or a soul mate. Finding a partner is easier, this would be an individual that has similar likes and dislikes and has personal goals that are synchronistic with your own. The relationship is usually based on the physical reality and doesn’t go too deeply into the spiritual realms. A soul mate is all of the above plus a spirit that has traveled through time with you. This is a spirit that you have had past lives with the bonds from that lifetime flow into this lifetime to strengthen and enhance the relationship. This is someone that there is a spiritual and psychic link with and one who has a similar harmonic rhythm with you. It really isn’t really necessary that both “remember” those relationships, they will still “know” and “feel” the connection. The soul mate relationship goes far and beyond the physical relationship. It is really important to understand that soul mates are not always the same sex and that there are many soul mates that you will connect with within each lifetime. They can be in the form of friendships, teacher student relationships or even brother sister connections. These are individuals that have traveled through time with us and that connection is profound but not always of a sexual nature.


So the big question is, “how do I find my soul mate?” … the answer is an easy one, you don’t “find” them, you attract them. Because this is a spiritual link you are seeking it has to be approached from the spiritual perspective. Spiritually speaking we attract who and what we are. That goes for all relationships, all of them. Remembering that we create our realities by our perception of them it is only logical that we then attract individuals that have similar energies and vibrations. The more you work on yourselves to find and link to greater self-awareness, to evolve and touch into greater spiritual aspects of life … the greater the vibration and energy you radiate and thusly draw in others that are at the same level in their evolution. It isn’t the reaching out that finds those amazing relationships but the reaching within. You will not find a loving relationship until and unless you love yourself. As a stable and complete spirit you will be drawn to and attract similar energies. It really is quite simple, like attracts like. All of us ae here to learn and evolve, none of us are perfect and there are always areas we can work on and improve.


The Universe really does work for us but we have to do our part as well. They system is a magnetic one and draws you to others who are at the same stage of growth. If you want change then it is all up to you to work on yourself and change your vibrations to attract a different kind of individual. Relying on dating services or matchmaking friends restricts you to the physical reality and for the most part has nothing to do with the spiritual aspects of evolution, and for many that works just fine. For those seeking a more spiritual connection the work is on the self and that draws in a richer more abundant relationship. It also expands perspective and opens you to levels of consciousness that have always been there yet never before this lifetime delved.

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