How can we tell if there is a deceased loved one around?



When an individual passes over, after they realize that there is indeed another dimension and other loved ones around (including pets), one of the first things they want to do is to let those closest to them that they are fine and just in another realm. It is a bit frustrating because while in spirit or etheric form they have no physicality and are not able to influence the dimension or plane that they have just left in the usual ways one would. One of the most frequent reasons they want to reach out is the desire to assure loved ones that there is a new vibrancy to their vibration and that they are whole, healthy and joyful. Though they can’t get on the phone or text us there are many ways that they are able to influence the energies and send us subtle signals that, “ all is well”, “don’t worry”, “have hope”, and “I love you”.


When a loved one is lost to the other side and crossed that veil often we feel they are lost forever. Usually we look for anything that would signal they are trying to connect to us and in that intense need we often overlook the signs that they send, or even chalk those signals as “coincidence”. We need to be aware of subtle occurrences and even journal them because that validates the experience and sends the message that you got the message.


Below is a list of some of the most common ways we get messages from the other side. They are by no means all of the ways that there are signals but at least they will give you something to work with.


Dream Visitations – While this is the most common it is also the one that most will ignore and chalk it up to wishful thinking. Dream visitations differ from regular dreams in that the loved one is usually surrounded by some sort of light, they will give messages for others and probably assure you of their love. This is not a two way conversation usually but it is a way for them to confirm they are well and at peace.
Cool Spots in the room – Often when spirits are present they draw energy from the room and create “cool spots”. You can literally feel the difference in temperature, not in the whole room but in an isolated area. Again, this is one of those aspects that people usually identify as a draft, that isn’t.


Sensing they’re Presence – Often your higher conscience will notice a shift in the energy around you. It has also been reported that many who have been together for long periods of time report that they feel their loved one sitting next to them in quiet times. When a beloved pet passes often they are felt jumping onto the bed after they have passed.


Feeling Their Touch – Many have reported that they have felt the touch of a loved one after they have passed. Usually it is a very light touch …stroking the hair or cheek. Sometimes a touch on the back or a familiar gesture or touch that unique to that relationship.


Smelling their Fragrance – clairgustance. These visits commonly reported as the fragrance of cigarette or cigar smoke, perfume, flowers, or cooking. If you smell cigar smoke, and no one smokes in your house, except your deceased grandfather – chances are, it’ him and he’s letting you know he’s around, visiting, and saying hello. I often saw the smoke from my Grandfathers pipe around my Dalilah garden which was planted in memory of him. Shortly before dawn we would see the smoke from his pipe as he walked around the garden. My Mother recognized the fragrance as his favorite blend immediately.


Hearing Their Voice – clairaudience – It is more common to hear voices internally such as the calling of your name but there are also times when you hear the voice externally as well. This often happens when you are alone and it can be your name or just a word that has meaning to you both. It is very normal to speak to those who have passed on as though they were there, and for the most part we really don’t expect an answer. If you quiet yourself and wait, often you will get an internal answer internally. Remember that it is a spirit communicating with you and a lot easier to give you internal impressions rather than an auditory signal.


Unexpected electrical activity – This is one of my favorite ways of knowing a spirit is around. Remembering that we are electromagnetic beings. Feeling and thoughts are transmitted within us and we have an aura that can be registered electronically. One of the first things that is learned on the other side is the ability to influence and impact electronics on this side to get out attention. They are able to turn lights on and off, change the channels on the tv or turn it on and off. Street lights going on and off, the telephone ringing and there is no one there, or batteries being drained long before they should be. I have found that when visiting areas that have great antiquity to them that the batteries in cell phones or cameras often are drained immediately even when they are new.


Another electrical way of communicating through electricity is songs on the radio. Often a song that has great meaning to both is played over and over on the radio, with greater frequency that is usual, or at a time that coincides with a special date to the person. It is common for a song to be played that the lyrics or title answers a question that has been lingering in the consciousness of the person still in the physical plane. We just have to remain sensitive and aware to the messages that come from the other side for they are usually quite subtle.


Symbolic messages  – Signs, coincidence or synchronicity. – Often small objects such as coins, feathers or stones are dropped or placed in our pathways. When my husband passed I kept finding pennies where they just couldn’t possibly have gotten on their own. I collected them and the more I recognized that they were a message for me the more I found … especially when I was in times of upset.


Small animals are frequently used as a signal from the other side. Butterflies, dragon flies lady bugs … usually brightly colored ones appear to be more frequently in your path way. The most common seem to be Cardinals, Jays and blue birds.


Flowers as well can be a signal. Often if they bloom out of season it can be a message from the other side, or flowers that you didn’t intentionally plant sprouting in your environment. My mother loved Pussy Willows, they were her way of knowing spring was on the way and she always had one outside her bedroom window. After her passing I moved to a new location and started a new garden but didn’t plant any Pussy Willows. Two years after I moved I found one growing next to my deck… a place where there was no soil to speak of and was not really a part of my garden. Eleven years later it flourishes and every spring I look for the pussy’s to break through their shells and know that spring is not far off and that my Mom is sharing spring with me all over again.


Movement – The spirit world can be very playful and often they will move objects from where you usually place them. I have found keys seem to be one of their favorites (though that could just be my family). They also knock pictures of shelves or tilt those that are hanging on the walls.


These are but a few of the commonly used methods but by no means all of the ways they signal their presence. Sometimes it takes a while for them to figure out how to communicate and other times they are right there immediately … it would seem there are no rules as to how long they have to wait to touch in. We just have to be patient and sensitive to those energetic shifts that signal communication from the other side.

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