How can I practice charity?

Today in these times of unusual economic shifts and the uncertainty of what the future holds it is hard to know how to manage the funds that do come into our homes. Most want to share and be charitable but obligations and responsibilities make it difficult to know just how much there is to share. When you look up charity in the dictionary most of the definitions refer to monetary donations to the needy. I don’t think that Webster’s had in mind the element of spiritual charity, because that has nothing to do with money.


Just about anyone can open up a wallet and share a few dollars, or write a check or flip out a credit card to give money and get a tax credit for a write off. That’s not what spiritual charity means, I know for sure if its money that is being written off as a tax credit that it doesn’t even count on a spiritual level as charity. When we get monetary credit for sharing on the physical level the spiritual isn’t what is being activated … what we are doing is a physical action that keeps us on the physical plane. Don’t get me wrong, sharing money is a good thing especially if it is given to those in need. My problem is that most of the money usually goes to the organization that is doing the collections and they make a very big deal out of its tax deductible, no spiritual credit there.


One of the most precious things we have is not how much money we have or our social status, it’s not how many toys or technical tools we have accumulated, its time and love. To give of your time to listen, truly listen to another is a true gift indeed. To put a smile on a strangers face by giving them a complement or an encouraging word, to offer time to help others to share yourself with those in need, that’s true charity. The wonderful thing about sharing yourself in those manners enriches you as well … there is a feeling of joy that comes from an unconditional gesture of a selfless giving of time. This is a concept that seems to have gotten lost over time. When we donate our time, energy, skills or passions we are digging down deep inside and giving a part of ourselves to another, that’s true spiritual charity and it doesn’t cost a dime. I think it’s very exciting to give of ourselves, it brings us back to the times when there was no money, when we were a single family who lived in harmony with the environment and each other. Of course that takes us back thousands of years and much has happened during that time. We learned to make war, to hate and to be selfish. We’ve learned to be judgmental and conditional and of course let’s not forget bigotry.

The awakenings that are going on all over the planet are opening us to the fundamental philosophies of the pure human spirit. We come into this realm full of unconditional love and many are reaching for those concepts again …the golden rule is being dusted off and reapplied to reality and true spiritual charity is once more becoming a part of everyday activity instead of just a yearly donation. So smile, listen and share, reach out with your spirit and contribute to the awakening of the truest form of charity of spirit and perhaps even the awakening of a new age that returns us all to the harmony of the beginning.

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