Does reincarnation strengthen family ties?


Does reincarnation strengthen family ties? – According to a great many metaphysical writers we reincarnate in what are called soul families. These families have many thousands of spirits in them and not all incarnate at the same time. Over the eons we fluctuate between male and female, different colors, shapes and sizes as well as countless economic levels and occupations, and over time there is a balance within the family. We aren’t limited to our soul family and can when spirit moves us (so to speak), spend time in other families as well.


During a lifetime we are naturally drawn to others that are in our soul families when it comes to friends and relationships because there is an inner recognition to the soul connection. On a physical level reincarnation dosen’t strengthen or weaken our family ties. Often we will find that we have reincarnated with others with whom we have karma to work out, issues or energies from past lives that needs to be balanced out. We come to the earth plane to experience lessons and challenges so that we can evolve and expand our awareness. Often our families are the ones that will supply those experiences that will give us the opportunities to grow, react in a more spiritual way, See with new perspective and open us to greater potential within this time span.


If we do find more spiritual ways to approach life and deal with the challenges that are presented, possibly then we can balance out the karma that is brought into this life and in that manner perhaps family ties are strengthened. It is important to remember that both parties need to be working to resolve these issues in order for the tie to be strengthened.

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