Do We Continue to Age After We Pass?


Do We Continue to Age After We Pass? –  The element of time was created as an element of measurement by man. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades and so on were created for humans on a human plane and have no meaning to those who have passed into the light or another dimension. The soul, that which we carry within us that links us to the source of all creation is eternal, has no beginning or end. When the spirit leaves this physical reality it flows into another dimension where time does not exist. We merge into a state of etheric energy that has no form and knows not the meaning of time. When, as an etheric being we want to reveal ourselves to those still on the earth plane we take on a form that those who are still linked to the earth plane will recognize, many use images that were of a younger time, one of youth and health. The dimension we move into has no time, though it has been said that many will linger there for about 100 earth years before coming back into this reality. It has been suggested that lingering in that dimension reminds the spirit of the journey it is on and areas in which more “human experience” is desired.


The concept of evolution and the purpose of countless lifetimes on the earth plane often comes up, along with the statement that only an idiot would request so may challenges. Looking at the process from the earth plane point of view it does seem almost cruel at times the challenges that come our way. However, from the cosmic standpoint it just makes good sense. Realizing that the lessons learned here enable the etheric spirit within to evolve and continue its journey into other dimensions and planes. I have heard countless times people declaring they aren’t coming back again and that this is their last lifetime on the earth plane. There is no way the human consciousness can conceptualize the journey’s our etheric spirit are on, similar to perhaps someone in nursery school declaring they weren’t coming back to school the following year, no concept of the total picture or purpose at all. Of course in a way they are right … the personality will never come back again, but the spirit may well have something very different in mind.


So simply put … no we do not age on the other side, time does not exist there …and we can project ourselves at any age or form for that matter when dealing with those who still remain on this side of the veil.

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