Do the Foods We Eat Affect us on a Spiritual Level?

spiritual food
 Do the Foods We Eat Affect us on a Spiritual Level? – The food we eat creates the fuel for the physical body, it generates the energy for the vehicle that the spirit resides in. Just as we put fuel in the car to generate the energy to provide motion so too does the food enable the body to function. Our spiritual energy is expanded through our creative actions that open the creative channels within and allow the spiritual energy to manifest within our realities. While the type or amount of food we eat does not directly impact our spiritual growth is does indirectly in that it empowers the body to function in a creative way and in so doing it opens the channels necessary for the energy to flow into our lives.


On a personal level I have found that eating lightly makes it easier for me to sort of click into those energies that are of a creative and spiritual nature. Heavier meals often have the body focused more on digestion than anything else. I have read that many who are on the spiritual journey become vegetarians but have not found that for me, at least, this has not been the case. Lots of water does help however, in cleansing and in flushing out the system … on top of being good for you on a physical level. The more intelligent you are about putting the correct fuel into yourself will in some way effect the ease with which you make that inner connection you are looking for. There are heavy foods that generate sleep better than spiritual awareness so if you are planning on creative and spiritual activities stay away from them. I do not personally adhere to the fasting philosophy for clarity of vision … all I was able to see was food, but I guess it really is a matter of personal preference. If you are focused on spiritual expansion it is more important to open those creative channels and let the spirit do the rest.

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