Do Seasons Represent Spiritual Change?

Do Seasons Represent Spiritual Change? –  The earth moves through different cycles during each year, marked by the solstices and the equinoxes which are connected with the seasons. Each cycle represents a different season. Winter being a time of rest, hibernation, internal assimilation and in many ways isolation. Spring representing the planting of seeds and new birth, arising from slumber and bringing forth new growth. Summer, a time of bearing the fruit of the seeds and the maturation of that which was planted in the spring. Autumn is a time of harvest and gathering in the bounty of the plantings and a time of preparation for putting away that which is needed for the winter that is to follow.


The seasons do represent spiritual change, they are in a way a promise of rebirth to humanity. An inner reminder that each lifetime has its seasons and in the winters of our days there is always the promise of rebirth in a new life as we reincarnate again and again over the eons of our souls journey.


Our bodies are also a reflection of this cycle every year. Many find the shifting from one season to another to be a time of greater sensitivity. Everyone is connected to the earth and resonates to the energy that radiates from the earth. As the seasons progress each year we are all effected by the shift within the earth energies. In very subtle ways everyone reacts to the seasons and the shifts that constantly are evolving. There are changes of perspective and even for some mood swings.


More than everything else we are constantly being reminded of the evolution of the spirit within and the promise of rebirth into new realities when our time here is done.

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