Do Parents Actions impact Their Children’s Lives?

Do Parents Actions impact Their Children’s Lives? –  When children are born they come into this realm full of love and trust. The pure spirit that is within looks out at this reality with crystal vision, they are totally aware spirits who, unfortunately have no control over the muscles needed for speech. This is often why they cry from frustration from time to time and totally confuse their parents. Their personalities and characters are formed by what parents, teachers, the environment, cultures and belief systems teach them. They absorb knowledge and behavior patterns from those who have the most contact with them. Not only do parents actions impact them they provide the patterns for how they will behave for the rest of their lives. During the first three years of life the patterns are set, what they have experienced is what they will replicate. The patterns for relationship, what marriage is like, how to treat their children when they come along.


I know it sounds extreme but we do teach by example more so than words, especially when the language skills have not yet been established. They observe and copy. If the parents have behavior patterns or even worse snap retorts that are not always proper … trust me they will be parroted at the strangest of time. Giving children a stable secure life full of love is a very good foundation for a balanced individual. In today’s society often there are broken homes or even alternative family situations … the important thing is that there be structure, stability, love and good patterns … and we teach all of this by example not words.

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