Do Our Pets Reincarnate?

Do Our Pets Reincarnate?

Thank you, Brenda, for this question

This is one of those questions that has many different answers, depending on your philosophy.  There are those who don’t think they do, and others that claim that they have a group spirit, so they don’t really reincarnate.  Most pet owners that I know believe that they do, and that they have individual spirits as well.  I fall on the side that they do have individual spirits and that they do reincarnate.  I believe that those who have lived with and been connected to humans most certainly do have the individual spirits as well as characters and personalities as well.  Of those animals not domesticated, I still feel as if they have individual spirits as well and believe that they come back, often evolving within their species, gaining insight and wisdom as well as evolving as do we but in a different category.  When it comes to the smaller insects, I have to admit, I’m not so sure, my medium-ship seems to be limited to domesticated animals though often I get the feeling that some of the animals that gorge themselves at my bird-feeders ( this includes birds, squirrels, skunks, raccoons and an occasional bear), seem to have been humanized to a certain extent.  They are drawn to and come closer to me (not the bear), than other wild life in the area.


The source of all creation seeded the universe with seed of the divine and that includes every living creature including us humans.  That said, if we are on a journey of evolving and expanding consciousness and all of us have a similar spark of the infinite within us … why would we be the only species that evolves and reincarnates.  Plants reincarnate by sending out seeds, germs mutate and evolve so why not the animals?


I have had animals that have returned to me after death…sometimes its their spirit that is visible from time to time and then there are others that come back to me in the same form.  I have had a cat that returned to me in another body but was absolutely the last one who had passed away.  To be honest I’m still waiting for him to return for a third time.  There’s something in me that just knows he’s coming back again.


When a pet is loved and has bonded to the care giver that element of love created a bond that is strong and defies the veil often.  Love carries over from the other side and reconnects us once again.  Often those who have cats and dogs will feel them jumping onto the bed late at night, reminding their care giver that the bond is still there.  We were all created in the same burst of love and all have that divine spark within be they human, animal or plant …that spark of the infinite is a promise of love and the same for all of us … even our pets.

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