Do our loved ones that passed hear us talking to them?


Do our loved ones that passed hear us talking to them? –   The etheric body/soul often will linger shortly after their passing, trying to comfort those who are there or just out of curiosity. It is very common for them to attend their funerals and sort of observe what goes on. They do also pass through a tunnel and follow the light to join other loved ones who have passed before them, but remember there is no time on the other side and they are able to return and observe those they are most attached to. They absolutely hear us whether it is at the moment of passing or years afterwards. There is a vibrational connection between loved ones that is not severed by death for it is an etheric fiber that flows through all of time. Each lifetime lived together strengthens that connection and draws the spirits together more closely when a lifetime provides the experience.


Yes they can hear us, but in many ways it is a one sided conversation. When we cross over our perceptions expand greatly and there is understanding of the challenges and lessons that were undergone. There is also a better understanding of the circumstances to relationships, in short, they get it even if we don’t and they can’t give us the answers only send love and light and a good dose of compassion.

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