Can we change our life purpose?

Can we change our life purpose? –  The purpose/challenges of each incarnation are set/determined prior to our incarnation on the earth plane. Those choices are made utilizing the full consciousness of the spirit within. The Spirit, the etheric essence that is carried within has full awareness of the past present and future potential of the etheric essence that is carried within the physical each lifetime. It is with that full awareness that the choices are made as to the lessons and purpose of each individual lifetime.


change-life-purposeThough we carry that essence within us we do not always connect to or listen to it. Our human consciousness cannot possibly comprehend the choices made by that higher essence that is carried within.   There is no way that our physical consciousness could possibly comprehend the part we play in vast cosmic puzzle we are all a part of. We do not have the power or understanding to change the purpose of an individual lifetime, though those who are on a true pathway to self-awareness may at times catch glimpses of the process it is only the higher consciousness that has the map we follow into each incarnation.

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