At What Point Did You Sense a Shift Within That Brings you to The Here and Now?



 At what point did you sense a shift within that brings you to ‘the here and now’? – This may seem a bit unusual, but there have really been two turning points in my life that have been rather profound for me;

In the 60’s, I was in college in Michigan and one spring evening after 11 pm at night, a UFO landed on my campus.  The place was swarming with police and they turned the stadium lights on at which point it took off and streaked into the night sky.  In doing so it swooped right over my dorm window and I got a closer look at it than most people ever do.  To say the least I and everyone else who saw it took extended ribbing and teasing about the whole incident.  The disbelief continued for over forty years until last year a book was published that documented authenticated sightings in the US was published and the one on my campus was listed.  At the moment that I saw the UFO my whole view of the universe and our place in it shifted.  The fact that we are not alone and that there are mysteries out there that are literally above and beyond our comprehension expanded my consciousness and pulled me into a more spiritually focused view.  And so an amazing journey of discovery of other realms and possibly dimensions began.  It wasn’t an immediate crusade but it was subtly there from that moment on.


After my second divorce, I had what you might call a time of spiritual awakening.  I knew there was more to life than I was experiencing and was finally led to a class for spiritual development which I remained in for seven years.  The class provided me with a safe and nurturing environment in which I was able to draw forth and polish many of the gifts that  had rested so long within me.  It gave me the opportunity to discover and develop spiritual gifts like channeling, psychic awareness, and creative expression that expanded my spiritual understanding and how to use it within my mundane reality.

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