Are You Exempt From Anything Because You Do Spiritual Work?



Are You Exempt From Anything Because You Do Spiritual Work? –   I don’t believe that any of us who are practicing this craft are exempt from any aspect of the human condition. As a matter of fact, I think that much like the children of the shoemaker going barefoot, we are held to a higher standard that many. While we are all subject to the universal laws and the cosmic energies as we journey through this lifetime and experience those challenges that we requested before incarnation into this plane, we are, I think, held to a higher standard. Because we know on a spiritual level not only the appropriate way to treat each other we are also aware of the consequences of our actions.


There are many in this field that have discovered they are “psychic” and have set themselves up in the business of reading others for fun and profit. Many of them go no further in their study of the spiritual realms and as a result can only share only a very basic and simple gift. There are those who attend classes and after a short period of time are given a certificate that proclaims them a psychic or a medium or even a healer … all they got for their money was a piece of paper and nothing more, and they truly have nothing to share with others.


Those who approach this field with the understanding that the true manner to enhance the gifts within is to seek out a greater level of self-awareness within themselves. The more work they do on that level , the more sensitive they become to themselves and the understanding of how they impact their realities through their words and deeds, the greater the sensitivity they can share with others. Much like musicians where there are technicians and then there are artists so too in the spiritual field there are those who are called and those who seek the field for the glory it radiates, there are those who label themselves and those who are known by the compassion, and sensitivity that is a part of a journey that is never-ending.


To answer the question … we are not exempt but rather have in some ways a more difficult journey because we are required, by a higher power, to walk our talk and be a living example of the benefits of a spiritual pathway. We allow the spirit within to manifest and blend with the physical reality. We teach by example rather than words and the element of Karma is most probably a more constant within our lives. You can recognize a true spiritual practitioner by the joy and light, compassion and wisdom they radiate. Real spiritual practitioners don’t need to advertise they just are, and believe me they are constantly learning and studying, researching and expanding that which they are in order to give on a higher and deeper level. This never stops … choose wisely to receive the best quality of wisdom.

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