Are there ways to tell if you are on the correct path?



Are there ways to tell if you are on the correct path? –   We come into each lifetime pre-programmed/having inclinations towards those areas that had been expanded on in lifetimes past. These are talents and skills that if followed will evolve and open us to new directions that our spirit would easily flow towards. Often those talents and skills are ignored by parents, teachers, culture, ethnic beliefs and more traditional “practical” directions are aimed at us. We live in a physical reality and those physical needs often take us in directions that more or less go against the grain o the spiritual pathway that would open for us if given a chance.


Being on the “correct pathway” really means that we are flowing with our strengths and talents, incorporating the creative gifts in one way or another into our everyday life. This doesn’t mean that we put on the white sheets and go to the mountain top to wait for the mother ship …If you’re traditional job doesn’t allow for creative expression then you find ways of creating those channels in your “off” time so that there is a balance within your life.


The simple answer to this question is are you happy? Happiness and joy are true indications that there is a balance within you and your reality and that your pathway opens before you. It doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges because there are always going to be hurdles for you to overcome … how you approach them and creatively surmount them will let you know if you are on your pathway or not.


One important thing about our pathways is that no two people are ever on the same path. Often pathways run parallel for great lengths of time but each must always follow their own dreams … the moment you stop following your dreams is the moment you stand still on your pathway.


Love, Light and Laughter are always present along with creative projects of all sorts and a healthy dose of working on your journey to self-awareness are all present in those who are on the right pathway. It is always there for you and it is never too late to set your feet in motion. What must be remembered is that the pathway will always direct your feet if you trust to the guidance that is carried within.


There are many within this reality who have wealth and power but they will never know the richness and joy of being on the right pathway and celebrating the cosmic dance of creation we have all been invited to. One of the first steps is to open the creative channels you carry within and let the spiritual energy flow into your reality and help you to find the pathway, the map of which you carry within.

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