Are Our Deceased Loved Ones Able to be With us Through Spirit All the Time or do They Just Visit us From time to Time?

 Are our deceased loves able to be with us through spirit all the time or do they just visit us from time to time?

Thanks for the great question Ashton


When we blend into the “Light”, or cross over into the next dimension, we shed our physical forms and expand into out etheric or spirit forms once again.  Because of our time spent in the “physical”, for a time, we retain some of those physical and personality characteristics.  That which is learned and gathered in a physical incarnation is never lost and always treasured, that goes for not only wisdom and knowledge but for personal connection and family experiences … all of which are re experienced on the other side and incorporated into the totality of the spiritual reality.  That’s why so often we hear of spirits keeping the physical forms for a while they go through a sort of incorporation of all that has been gathered.  There is a time where connections are made on the other side with other spirits who we have traveled with on the earth plane … These are connections that go beyond words as there are shared links and information that often connect many different incarnations on this and other planes.


The physical and in this case earth experience are very precious to the spirit/etheric realms because it is only in physical incarnation that much can be gathered and experienced.  Often it is here that contracts made and promises given are lived out and completed that were made in the etheric dimensions.  There is always an etheric thread that connects the physical with the spirit realms, a connection that is made through love and is unbreakable even though dimensions separate the spirits for a time.  Through that connection those on the other side are always aware of the energies that remain on the earth plane and in times of distress of focus they are always able to touch back into this realm, though only in spirit form.  While physical touch is not common, energy can and is shared and or those who are sensitive energy can be discerned because it is of a most pure form and flows with unconditional love. Those threads, those links communicate information and signal when a connection is needed … they also are a way of keeping in touch though we don’t often feel it at the time here on the physical plane.


Once on the other side or dimension time doesn’t exist for the spirits are eternal, while the process of assimilation of all that has been experienced goes on the element of continuing to expand consciousness continues to evolve with the additional experiences that were gathered.  The “other side” is not a celestial rest home but rather an etheric transfer space where spirits can focus upon where next they will journey.  Earth time wise that can be anywhere from seconds to generations.  It is very common for those who still have earth connections to wait until a whole soul family has transcended to spirit for the next journey to begin.


So to give you a very simple answer to your question:  those in spirit are always aware of what is going on with loved ones and in times of need they are able to envelop you with a wonderful etheric cloud of love to let you know that they are close and always supportive of you as you complete whatever your contract or promises were before your incarnation.

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