Angels, spirit guides and master teachers real or extra-terrestrials?



The question as to whether Angels, spirit guides and master teachers are real or extra-terrestials has been one that has been pondered for generations of the human spiritual development.  Let’s take these entities individually. The concept of Angels has been a part of our environment and culture for thousands of years and the reference and origin is usually the Bible. Within the last few decades there has been a great deal of focus on the Bible and the different interpretations and languages it was recorded it. The Bible is a collection of written “inspired Works” assembled around 325 AD at the council of Nicaea. The works that were gathered were in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Later translated into Latin, then Old English and eventually Modern English.


When the people of the day saw things they did not have a frame of reference for they did their best with the language they had. Just as today we don’t know the proper term to use for vehicles the fly beyond our frame of reference we relate them to something we do relate to … “flying saucers”. It is becoming more and more apparent that the angels of the Bible were most probably beings that were not indigenous to the earth plane … non terrestrial. This didn’t happen because they were trying to deceive us but rather in an attempt to explain something that was beyond their frame of reference. We have Renaissance artists for the depictions of angels that most of us use for reference. In my opinion the angels of the Bible and antiquity were most probably beings that were from another dimension or reality. They certainly had greater knowledge, skills and gifts that were beyond the indigenous residents of this planet.


Within each of us rests a fully evolved spirit, often referred to as our Higher Consciousness/link to the infinite. Within that etheric aspect of us rests the purpose of this lifetime and the lessons that will be experienced. This aspect of us can only communicate with our consciousness through dreams, visions, and holographic projections, inspirational thoughts and by slipping hunches into the consciousness. Because we have no frame of reference to interpret this kind of communication we use archaic terms and phrases to describe these experiences. And so we see “spirit guides” instead of a reflection of the spirit within. We see what we understand and what makes us feel comfortable. To my knowledge the only spirit guide we have is the one we carry within and it uses whatever method at its disposable to get our attention and to guide us at times of need and stress.


Master teachers do indeed exist but they are few and far between. These are individuals that literally knows everything of the natural world and how inventions arise from that. They know how the universe is formed—past, present and future, and how the karma of all life forms are intertwined within it. Beyond that they have conscious access to the Void. Such a Master in this present life is one who attained enlightenment in a previous life, which is why the knowledge they possess now is inherent (realized), rather than newly acquired. Some names that might be familiar are Krishna, Buddha and Jesus Christ.


Enlightened Master Teachers do exist on this plane but you will not find them on the Internet or Face Book. They would never label themselves, they are selfless and unconditional and you will never find them if you are not ready.

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