• How do I change my life? • How do I get out of this rut? • How do I get through this time of difficulty?


How do I change my life? • How do I get out of this rut? • How do I get through this time of difficulty?

These are similar questions, just worded differently. Often times the answer is so simple that we overlook it.


The secret to all of the above is to open the channels to your creativity and let it flow. It is your creativity that connects you to the infinite and creation itself. It is your creativity that fuels your spiritual development because it connects you to the infinite. Don’t laugh — stop and think for a moment. If you take a closer look, those people who have everything working for them in their lives are also being creative on many levels and having fun with it. People who feel stuck or feel that their life is not moving, may not be doing enough with their creative nature. Usually when the going gets tough we put aside our creative projects until ‘things get better … Well guess what – until you get creative, things are not going to move.


The times we live in make it difficult to fit everything into our lives. Yet, those who are creative manage to have plenty of time for everything because of the joy that creativity brings into their lives. I’m not talking about painting the Sistine Chapel (it’s been done), or writing the great American novel. It can be simple, you just have to have fun with it and it has to be ongoing. One day or one project will not clear a log jam . Reflect back for a moment to when you were younger and your life was full – there were all sorts of creative things going on, and yes, even sports can be creative. As we get older, responsibilities are greater and we put aside those things that we enjoy. Life slows down and we feel stuck. The key is being creative — whether it’s painting a room or rearranging closets — as long as you enjoy it and laughter is involved. Here’s a simple test to see if you’re on the right pathway. Is there laughter in your life? Are you joyful? If you answer “No” either, then you aren’t being creative enough in your life.


By being creative, you open the doorway to your spiritual energy and the joy that is connected to it. By using your creativity you invite the spiritual side of your being into the mix and open yourself up to vision and insights you were previously unaware of. By taking the pressure off of the ego and allowing the spirit to open new doors, life will flow more easily.


Focus on what is going right, focus on the things you can control and bring the creative back into your life. I’ve tried it and it works! You just have to be consistent and have faith.


What you’re really doing is turning your life over to the spiritual side of your nature and letting joy and laughter fuel the future … not a bad deal.

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