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Transition – In these times of change and shifting of energies the term of transition comes up over and over again. Whether it is change in employment or relationship, residence or status, change is certainly in the air. The term “Transition” seems to have taken on an ominous resonation recently and I think it is getting what we might call bad press. Transition means change, a passage from one stage, state, subject or place to another. It also means movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage or style to another. It means change, that’s all. There are many of us that don’t particularly like change, it means leaving what is comfortable and known and moving into the unknown. There is a sort of security with the known, even if it doesn’t fit us anymore. When we grow and stretch ourselves we move into a new element of reality and that requires that there be change. Change is good it means we have completed a level of awareness and are ready to move on. If we don’t, if we drag our feet and try to hold the status quo because it is familiar; eventually the universe gets tired of waiting for us and change takes place in spite of us. Though I believe there is adventure within the human spirit it isn’t always manifested and often the universe is called upon to put things into motion. When jobs or relationships drift from us it is only because we were ready on a deeper level to move onto greater endeavors … if the jobs and relationships did not grow as well, they simply do not fit anymore and it is time to move on. Sometimes it can be emotionally painful, but again if we do not grow we become stagnant and eventually we die.


Being in transition has its exciting points; it gives you the opportunity to redefine yourself. You are starting on a new adventure, you can shift anything you want, take a new look at life and change your perspectives. If you are moving into new relationships you have the chance to review what has and what has not worked for you and to change your approach. If you are moving into new careers the same applies. Being in transition means you have grown and evolved and are ready for new horizons to conquer and new goals to set. This is a good thing, o.k., maybe a little scary, but transition would not be there if you were not ready for it.


In the case of transition because a loved one has passed into the light, please remember that they have finished the work they needed to do on this plane and have transitioned into new dimensions, they are not “gone” just moved on. This is perhaps the most difficult kind of transition because there is an emptiness that is left behind. Fill it with memories and laughter, honor their lives and know that when you complete your lessons you will be able to take up your journey in another dimension, and most likely will again have the opportunity to touch and share with those who have gone before you. The journey you are on is not just of this plane or this lifetime and transition is a very good positive part of evolution and spiritual enlightenment. Celebrate it and the “Transition” becomes a bridge to greater awareness and cosmic enlightenment, a small step at a time.