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There’s a Quickening in the Cosmos

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There is a quickening in the cosmos, a stirring in the universe, of excitement and anticipation. On all levels of consciousness there is an awareness that shift and change are in the air; and that change will alter our perception until the end of time. We enter into a phase of ascension, a shifting of consciousness that opens us to greater vision and potential than humanity has ever before experienced. Each generation brings with it into incarnation the feeling that there is a dawning of a new age, but this is different and on a completely different level. Humanity has reached a time when the veils between dimensions are thinning and those who are upon spiritual pathways will indeed be able to see beyond their own reality. This is a time when those who are sincerely walking their talk will be able to draw on those universal energies with greater frequency and intensity and be able to utilize them for the benefit of all of mankind.


This is a time of awakening as we have never seen before; for the truth behind the words must be echoed in the actions or the words will fall on deafened ears. Those who speak but do not act will find themselves speaking in deserted arenas with the echoes of their own empty words mocking them. We come to a time of truth in all aspects of reality and everyone who speaks and walks it will receive the gift of new vision and understanding of the spiritual laws and universal energies that have, since the beginning of time been our inner guides, now they come to the fore, to be used to greatly expand the consciousness of all who would see and reach beyond the human limits.


We come into a time when the physical is not enough and we reach for the spiritual to stretch us into realms not open to us previously. Religion provides us with building blocks but that alone is not enough. It is the spiritual aspects that provide the mortar and allow us to go beyond religion into the etheric realms that only the spiritual can ascend to. This is a time of growing beyond the physical and reaching into areas only a few have touched into. Humanity is awakening to the potential that the inner truths have always held to and is beginning to grasp the importance of those truths to the survival of the species. We come to a time of spirit where all are embraced in unconditional love. There will be those who choose to walk away from that embrace and they will spend lifetimes coming to the point of ascension. For those who choose to walk their inner truths and embrace the unconditional love that is offered, spiritual wisdom’s and understanding are there to be utilized for the benefit of all of humanity.


The awakening spreads slowly and vast numbers will stir into remembrance of the wisdom’s and truths that are stored within. This is a time of great joy as we reclaim talents and wisdom’s that have always rested within us. For many the endless searching through dusty manuscripts is at an end; for the answers have always rested securely within our own consciousnesses. We have the answers and the ability to manifest them …the only question is … will we use them wisely this time?


The Triad of Spirit

Most of us are familiar with trinities of all sorts, we have grown up with them and they flow from our tongues easily. For those who are on the spiritual pathway there is another to add to the list that is of great import.


We are creations of the Infinite and as such we provide a link in the spiritual DNA of the universe. It was the creative energy and unconditional love of the Infinite that evolved us into creation. Creative energy is the fuel of all that is. By manifesting creative energy we send a signal to the universe that we understand this process and are willing to fuel this lifetime with that creative energy. Manifesting creative energy within our lives sets in motion the spiritual flow of wisdom that in turn moves our physical lives along out pathways.


Creative energy -> Spiritual energy -> movement on the physical plane.


When life seems as if it isn’t moving along fast enough for you look for what you are doing on a creative level, just for the sheer joy of creating. Chances are that life has gotten in the way of the creative process and those things that gave you joy on the creative levels have been put aside. You fuel your life with the creative energies, when they are absent; things come to a grinding halt. By getting creative you add richness to your life, the spiritual will once again flow into your energy field and life will move ahead.


A word of insight … the creative process needs to be done on a regular basis; one day just won’t cut it. The creative energies can manifest in all sorts of different ways, be creative about being creative and you greatly increase the abundance it can bring into your life.


The Transformation of Transition

Cosmically speaking this is a time of great transition, the energies are shifting, climates going crazy, and there is social unrest in the most unexpected of areas. 2009 may well go down in history as one of the most unsettled times in quite a while, at the same time it is exciting because of all the changes going on within the consciousness of humanity. There is an energy of awakening of remembering the value of inner truths and the responsibility of accepting the consequences of our words and actions. If ever there were a time of enlightenment this seems to be a good choice. Change is in the air everywhere and everyone is feeling the insecurity. Most of us get a bit uncomfortable with change because it means we have to reach out into the unknown instead of being comfortable with the known. Change happens when the time is right, whether or not we’re ready for it. And change is happening.


Those who had slumbered along, trusting that their needs would be taken care of are waking up to the fact that while they slumbered others plundered. People are starting to take responsibility for their own well being and standing up for what they believe in, they’re own inner truths. Where once there were hoards of lemming like masses blindly following leaders that convinced them they knew best; now there are questions everywhere and the truth is rooted out no matter how cleverly is had been disguised.


This is a time for truth and change and the universal energies are fueling the consciousness of all of humanity. As great numbers find that the security they once had is now gone they are finding strength and passion for new endeavors that allow them to explore new horizons. This is indeed a time of great change but it is one that is long overdue. The spirit of the explorer, of one who breaks new ground and inspires the young is alive and well within the hearts and minds of many. Those who you never thought would have taken a stand now do so with strength and conviction. There is a new spirit awake and change will follow and a time of abundance and change. The old structure no longer provides the support for the truth of the future so it will be shifted and expanded according to the dreams of the founders but evolved into the time it must serve.


So if transition is in your present or future, celebrate it and welcome the chance to reach beyond your present vision into a future that offers a more truthful, peaceful existence, where your word is your bond and your actions reflect the wisdom of your words.