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Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels

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Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels

Over the last several months many people have asked about their spirit guides, want their names or even had their names and wanted to know more about them. While I absolutely believe that we all have guides on the other side my philosophy as to who and what they are is a bit different from the main stream of thought. Its information that came through channeling so I put a lot of faith in it even though it does depart from the standard philosophy held by most of the population. It is one of my inner truths and I share it with you … not to sway you or your belief system but rather to give you another thought, or point to ponder. Embrace it or not, at any rate it is an interesting option.


When I asked the universe about guides and guardian angels I got the following … Everyone does indeed have guides that are there to offer guidance and philosophies but they are not separate entities but rather a filament of a past lifetime when the spirit had direct access to the other realms. The answers to your questions always have and always will rest within and everyone has different ways of reaching for that wisdom. When one asks for guidance and gets a name they are in reality reaching deeply into past lifetimes for one in which they were of service to the light and had access to the other dimensions because of the clarity of their connection that lifetime. They embrace that persona and virtually put it on and it becomes their “guide” this lifetime. When they ask for wisdom they blend for a moment into that persona and are able to connect themselves to the wisdom’s that they seek, always resting deep within the soul memories that they themselves carry. Often it is possible, by finding a past life when the connection was strong and clear to also tap into the soul records of the past, present and future, gaining insight into the purpose and direction of this lifetime.


Often names are given, for that was the name carried in that past lifetime. Frequently that past lifetime is vibrantly alive in soul memory and so can be related in great detail. What is often missed is that it a past life rather than another separate entity. Consider for a moment … who better to guide you that that perfect soul carried within, for that soul has complete knowledge of the journey to date and the purpose and direction most appropriate for the evolution that is sought. Guidance comes from within and the best teacher and guide is always that spirit, within, that link with the creator and the soul energy that has journeyed through time and carries your individual spark of the infinite.


We have as well guardian angels that oversee our evolution and they are always near, watching and shedding light when darkness envelops us. They watch as we journey the path that we chose before incarnation and remind us when needed the direction we chose. They do not interfere for that is not within their power but they can and do remind us of fragments of our journey so we can remember and get back on track. Our lives have been charted by us for us before we reincarnated and they were very detailed. In human consciousness sometimes it doesn’t seem fair or even sane but everything does fit into the puzzle of evolution that we are a part of. Many just can’t imagine why things befall them and think there is a conspiracy but there really isn’t. All things are drawn to us because they are needed for our evolution and is something that has cosmic reason …not human. Angels, Guides and spirit teachers are all a part of our development and evolution … a part of a plan that we only grasp a part of while in human form and while us are on the earth plane. Once we cross over and have access to total awareness of our spiritual legacy and the ever unfolding of the potential of our evolution, then and only then do all the pieces fall into place and we finally understand the total picture we are only a small piece of.