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Something to Ponder

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Something to Ponder – In the quiet of the night, when everything has finally settled down and all that can be heard are the crickets chirping to one another, I often have the time to ponder great cosmic concerns. The other night I got to thinking about we have great testimonies to civilizations and cultures that walked the planet over the past several thousands of years. Pyramids, broken pottery, fragments of tablets, pictures in caves left by generations of our ancestors scattered all over the globe. We are able to piece together with these hints out of time the culture and the everyday life of individuals that walked this planet thousands perhaps millions of years ago. We have momentary glimpses of life and how it was lived by those who came before us. It is amazing what can be gleaned from only a fragment of pottery or scrapes against the walls of caves. It gave me cause to wonder, what will we leave for those who come after us in thousands or millions of years from now? Our buildings certainly do not have the staying power of the pyramids, we implode them at will and pummel them into dust to rebuild and expand, and art work will crumble much in the same way, though it may well last a bit longer. The written word is already fading into history and being digitized, the printed book may well become an antique in my lifetime.


So generations from now how will what we leave behind define us as a culture or even a species. Will the planet even be here to mark our place within the cosmos? This thought has really weighed heavily on me. I know that NASA is beaming a signal out into the vastness that is space but how can a DNA picture and drawings of a man and a woman define a culture or a species? We have a lot to be proud of as a species and we have done good things. We have come a long way since the beginning of time and though I’m not really proud of the wars and the inhumanity to man that has taken place throughout history I am proud of our kindness to each other in times of tragedy, our caring for the safety of the planet and the ecology and how we do battle with disease and poverty. Humanity has accomplished a lot. So how do we leave signals to tell others about the times we live in, what mark do we leave in the fabric of time that will be gathered by those who drift by what is left of the planet millions and millions of years from now? Then I realized that the electrical impulses we send out drift eternally, the world wide net spreads further than any of us can imagine. Your words, my words, our music (some of it), all that is electrically charged resonates out from the planet and travels for eternity.


Think about it what we say now over the electrical system we are using now will live, in a way forever. This is our fragment of pottery; this is how we define our culture and species. Someday in the far distant future someone or something will pick up these vibrations that float upon the energetic waves that radiate from the planet, and hopefully there will be a Rosetta stone like discovery and they will be able to listen and hear what we thought and how we lived. So we are in a way defining our culture by what say and how we express our belief systems … our struggle for understanding of cosmic laws and energies may well cause a smile to cross the faces of those who most likely have already achieved the ascension we all are struggling to find. And the tools of transformation we are just now beginning to understand and use they take for granted. Imagine how wondrous the higher dimensions must be.