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Reincarnation – One of the aspects of being a spiritual individual involves the concept of reincarnation. Each person has their own interpretation, their own truth and everyone is correct because we are all on different levels of evolution and different levels of consciousness so our perceptions are always changing and growing according to our own personal growth cycles. Each persons truth is just that, their truth and I have no intention of changing anyone’s personal truths. What I would like to do is share mine with you. If it makes sense and it is something you want to embrace, o.k. This is my truth, at least for now and it has come to me through study and meditation and channeling for many decades, I offer it for consideration, maybe even amusement for some.


Reincarnation is the process of returning to earth in another body, with a different personality and perhaps even a different sex, in order to continue the process of evolving to greater levels of enlightenment … the goal being to return eventually to the source of creation and merging with it. Our souls were all created at the same time. Each of us holds a spark of the infinite within us. It is our soul that holds the life force, the cosmic energy that empowers us lifetime to lifetime. It is our soul that moves lifetime to lifetime, and our soul that gathers experiences and light and moves into greater cosmic understanding. It is the soul that is constantly evolving, not the personality, a point that sometimes leads to confusion. The personality is of a singular lifetime, it is the soul that is recycled over and over. Just as we change clothing with the seasons, or as we grow, so too does the soul change shift personalities with each new incarnation. If our personalities were winter coats and each season, or lifetime, we got a new one that would mean that somewhere in the cosmos the soul has a huge closet full of discarded coats, or personalities that were used for a season of evolution and then put away because they had been out grown. The soul evolves through the personality; sometimes the personality is a challenge indeed for the soul to reach through and touch into the present reality.


Another analogy that presents itself is that the soul rides the personality through each lifetime much in the same way we change vehicles during a lifetime. We choose different kinds of cars, different colors, types, makes and accessory packages. Each vehicle carries us further into a lifetime, distance and growth are covered and when it can carry us no further we trade it in ( pass over) and get a new one (another lifetime). Each vehicle is different but the driver remains the same.


In human form the soul is bound by the physical laws as it evolves. Our consciousness is only of this lifetime for the most part so we often are not really seeing the whole picture as to the purpose of what befalls us and what it is doing to temper our spirits so that they can reach for greater cosmic goals. It is hard to grasp that the personality, so vibrant and intricate, was created for only a single lifetime. My only frame of reference is my personality and how I view life and evolution. My spirit is what motivates me and holds my life force. Our personalities are not discarded; they are incorporated into the richness of the soul. When we cross over, we, for a time, maintain the form and format of the personality. We are able to identify loved ones because of the personalities carried within the most recent lifetime. We find our loved ones, both human and those from the animal kingdom and blend energies and love. The time between incarnations isn’t exactly carved in stone but a hundred years give or take seems to be the usual time spent in Summerland. As the spirit evolves in that realm, the inner light grows until the physical form and personality are no longer needed and we become light body energies. It is at that time that the soul begins to focus on what new areas of evolution it wants to work on and a new chapter begins as the soul once more reaches for the earth plane and a new personality and reincarnation begins yet again.


Our spirits are fragments of the Infinite, shining white light that dispels darkness and fear. Every lifetime there is created a new face or facet for that spirit. Personalities are not lost; rather they become another facet of the larger whole that is the soul energy. We have all met individuals that just shine; those are the people who have been on this cycle of evolution longer than others. Each lifetime adds brilliance to the inner core, the more we return the greater the light we radiate when we return. Each personality providing another facet for the light within to be refracted through. That light shines out onto humanity helping, healing and bringing spiritual light of the generations that follow on the pathway. Though the personality does not journey as the vehicle lifetime to lifetime it does add onto the brilliance as lifetimes and experiences are gathered. We are the sum of the total experiences gathered, reflected by the personalities that have carried the spirit through thousands of generations of our growth. We continue to glow with renewed brilliance always different and unique with new perspectives each time, treasuring the past and using it to renew and expand the consciousness each time we touch upon the Earth plane.