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Reincarnation and Past Lives

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Reincarnation and Past Lives

Reincarnation and past lives. Without reincarnation we don’t have past lives quite obviously. The earth plane is the school in which the soul gathers the lessons and wisdom’s that are needed for evolution and often those lessons need to be gathered and learned from countless different perspectives and different levels of consciousness over and over and over again in order for them to be completely incorporated into the spirit. Think about it for a minute … we need to experience not only the different sexes but races, cultures, religions and positions in life as well. When you look at what is needed to be gathered and then the different dimensions it must be gathered from … one can see why thousands perhaps millions of lifetimes would be needed in order to refine and evolve the spiritual energies.


It’s hard to know just where to begin explaining this process … in a way it feels like which came first, the chicken or the egg. My experience personally is of course limited to this life time … sort of. So we’ll start with a new life within the mother’s womb. I don’t know exactly when the soul enters … we’ll leave that up to the scientists and the theologians to duke it out. But At birth the soul is in place and totally aware, absolutely aware, cognizant of the purpose of this life time, conscious of the spirit energies that gather at the time of birth, the soul has full recollection of the other side and of the akashic records, what they hold and how they apply to this lifetime. The soul energy, so vibrantly alive and wise must rest within the physical body and patiently wait while the body grows and matures, the muscles develop and independent motion is achieved as well as language. By then the surroundings and parents have poured information and training into the new life form. The spirit energy recedes as the personality and egos develop, molded by the culture and society in which it must function. Memories of the spirit realm and the other side, the magic and mystery of spiritual evolution drift into the well of wisdom we call the imagination and rest there until consciousness expands and evolves and calls those memories forth to serve the realms in which the physical inhabits. For some that call comes early, for others later and still others … well maybe next lifetime. As the child grows and evolves through the physical lessons, hurdles and challenges that occur the spirit learns from those struggles and gathers wisdom’s and stores them away. Life is always an adventure, sometimes more fun than others but always there is learning going on and wisdom’s that are gathered. And please understand that it isn’t just the difficult times that hold the lessons and the messages for the spirit. Laughter and joy, bliss and jubilation hold just as much for the spirit as the difficulties. As a matter of fact I think that joy holds more because it brings back distant memories of the other side and of course of lifetimes past as well. So please never think for a second that you have to be having a difficult time in order for the soul to grow. Be joyful and celebrate enlightenment it goes a lot further.


Every time we enter a lifetime there are goals that we have set for us to accomplish within that journey a sort of road map of accomplishments. They might seem pretty mundane to most of us but they are usually very important to the development of the soul. When they are all accomplished, every one of them … then and only then do we experience release from the human form and blend with the light and cross over to the other side of the veil of light that separates us from that other dimension.


Leaving the physical body behind, for it was only the vehicle for the spirit for that lifetime; our energy takes on for a time the shape and form of the physical we just left … We are met by loved ones who have gone before, both animal and human and go through a period of decompression of sorts … Human qualities and habits do imprint the soul energy and for a time we carry on with our normal routines. The other side creates for us what we need to gently make the transition from physical reality to that of spirit. Our energy initially has greater density and as time passes and we grow more and more comfortable with the realms of the other side we let go of the familiar and allow the spirit energy to let go of that density and to radiate and glow, and slowly over time we let go the forms that once were familiar and flow into the light energies that are the natural state of the spirit . As the light brightens within us the lessons and wisdom’s that were so carefully gathered are incorporated into our lights … they add energy and brilliance to the soul energy and each adds greater dimension and intensity to the inner light that we radiate. Each grain of wisdom, each lesson experienced adds to the quality of the brilliance that is within .Now there is no time on the other side so it’s really hard to explain how long it takes before a soul begins to yearn once more to incarnate and gather greater brilliance.


I know that the yearning for the experience comes from the very core of the spirit and that before reincarnation takes place there is great deal of time spent determining what will be worked upon next and what sort of lessons are needed to be gathered and from what perspective. It is by no means random, and considered a blessing to be given the opportunity to reincarnate and grow. Someone once asked me why do some babies come into life for sometimes just a few hours or days … why incarnate for just a few moments? I guess the simple answer is that that’s all they needed for their evolution process to complete a cycle and draw into closure an aspect of their soul development, and perhaps that was an important experience for the parents as well. On a soul level I realize there are needs for these kinds of experiences, frankly on a personal level I figure after millions of years there just has to be a better way. I do know that we incarnate in spirit groups and that we experience all manner of relationships within those groups as we travel through lifetime after lifetime. It is an amazing cycle of evolution and one that never gets old (so to speak). There are those who declare they are never coming back, that this is their last lifetime on the earth plane. They’re personality for sure won’t be back but their spirit is most probably in it for the long haul and will continue the journey not only on this plane but on others, probably other planets and dimensions as well.


Now, as for past lives, and we’ve all had thousands and thousands of them. They are chapters within our soul’s development and evolution. If you consider that our spirits have to experience those learning situations from every perspective then a single element could require hundreds of different lifetimes to firmly claim a lesson gathered and absorbed. While I like to think that I learn most of my lessons the first time out, the reality is that sometimes I have to repeat some of them many times over to really get the point. Imagine what it must be like to have to cover so many different perspectives … it boggles the mind. The memories of lifetimes past are carried within the spirit and stored in the well of wisdom that we call the imagination. We have access to those memories in the form of dreams and often experiences of just knowing an area though we had never been there before. Past lifetimes, often are so well imprinted upon the spirit that they filter into the current one, sometimes in very unusual ways. Sometimes we bring a talent from a past life into the current one, or a phobia, or even a memory that was so strong that it came through the reincarnation process intact. While occupations do not follow us lifetime to lifetime (thank heavens that would just be wrong) Skills and talents often do filter in, sometimes being unexplainable to the current life.


Past lives, their memories and dreams often touch us from the dream state … they are richly there for us to use and draw from if we open to what we carry within. But understand to have full knowledge of the past, all of the lifetimes since the beginning would most probably cause us to be nonfunctional within this lifetime. I’m pretty sure if that was the case we would most probably be in a padded cell somewhere and on some pretty strong medication as well.


These lifetimes are very important because they have provided us with the wisdom’s to evolve to this point in time. They provide us with the foundation for this lifetime and help to point the way for the lessons that we gather this time. With each new journey, each new lifetime we have a store house of experience within that well of wisdom and insight gathered that can be tapped into if we choose. I’ll grant you it takes work and energy and creative channels to be opened … but when we do, when we stretch ourselves and open creative channels the amazing wealth of insight and information that is available to us is profound … And in a way some of the process is sort of like Tinkerbell from Peter Pan … you have to believe and then all things are possible.


Getting back to past lives … on top of the fact that they are just fascinating to tune into and just downright cool… They have insight that impacts this lifetime. Only those lifetimes that are focused upon the same goal you are working on now will be available to you. There has to be a direct correlation or they would not be available to you. It is an amazing process and so very intricate that at times I envision it as a great cosmic computer that is keeping track of all of this. I know it sounds a bit irreverent but I don’t know how else to explain it. The process has been going on for millions of years so I guess the other side has had time to work out the kinks in the system. I do know that because of the evolution within the consciousness of humanity we all have access to more and more of the information that is stored within us as well as past life experiences that were not available decades ago. Take the time, quiet yourself and let the past shed some light on the present and help to open the door to the future. It is after all the greatest adventure yet!