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The Living Word

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Living Word – There is great power in the spoken word, far more than could be imagined. Once words are spoken they take on lives of their own; the more we repeat ourselves the greater the power we put into them. The universe eventually will not be able to tell the difference between a spoken thought and actual reality and will compel us to actually manifest those words. We think aloud, promising to create a project, realize a dream or climb an emotional mountain. The imprint of those words upon the element of time creates a contract with the universe and we unwittingly commit to the manifestation of our own words; they represent a promise to the spirit within and the universe embraces it as well, creating a flow of energy that directs us towards the fulfillment of that promise. This often results in life taking on directions that we don’t expect and in some cases are not very comfortable with. The old saying, “be careful what you ask for”, evolved from the reality that when you put it out there the universe goes into action and helps you to realize your request. The more you cooperate with the universe once this takes place the easier life can be. Your words make the commitment, they reinforce that commitment and by doing so you put energy into the realization of that thought. For those on a spiritual pathway this is greatly increased. Take care with what you put out there; make sure you are going to take action and are willing to work for what your words commit you to. When we do not follow through on those promises life has a tendency to slow down and put everything else on hold until we make good our words. Often things said casually without thought can come back and haunt you in unusual ways. These are times when the energy of the universe is intensified and life takes on greater complexities. We are moving into times of greater awareness to all levels of consciousness and the ability to strive for and achieve much that just a few years ago was beyond our vision. Your words are very powerful and can cause great change not only within your personal realities but globally as well. Chose your words and promises well and they could shift the destiny of creation.