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Where Do We Go After Death

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Where Do We Go After Death? – Lately, there I have received a lot of questions about what happens after death, where does the tunnel end and what causes the light that draws the soul forward. Having never experienced death, in this lifetime, I have to rely on what I have gathered from my experience with spirits who have passed over and, if you will, have shared their wisdom and light with me. At the moment of death there is a tunnel and there is a light at the end of it. This has been confirmed by many who have had near death experiences. The tunnel is a threshold to the other side of consciousness, a doorway to a place lovingly called Summerland by many, because the sun never sets. It is constantly pleasant and warm, cool and meditative. At the moment of death the spirit within senses the light of the infinite at the end of the tunnel. That recognition awakens that spark of the infinite within each of us and the spirit is drawn home to its source. Our spirits are light body energies – they are spheres of light, having no form but able to assume any form necessary. The spirit or the light body energy within, while still in human form, is gently drawn down the tunnel, passing and greeting others who have passed before them as they cross over the threshold into the other dimension, or the other side.


The spirit maintains the human form for a time in order for it to fully be comfortable with its surroundings. Summerland is very much like the earth plane, except of course there is no pollution or civil unrest. The spirit is able to gather with family and friends, play golf or go fishing. Summerland is a place without time or pressure. The spirit is able to pursue any endeavor it wants. But there is one big difference, human wants and desires, needs and emotions rapidly drift away and are replaced by unconditional love. The personality that was used here on the earth plane fades slowly as the light body energy within becomes stronger and more comfortable. This doesn’t mean those that pass forget us or let go of the love they hold for us, rather it increases but in an unconditional way. When they visit they are not only coming from another dimension but from another level of consciousness. There is a blending of light at the time of death and they experience joy beyond measure. When those that have passed visit, they are drawn by the lights within each of us and the knowingness that we are all — we come from and we return to that oneness. Often when they visit, they share love and light in hopes of enlightening us. Though they can’t interfere or intervene with our destiny’s pathway they can and do share light so that we can see with greater clarity.


Life in Summerland is calm and pleasant, it gives the soul a chance to debrief and assimilate the lessons that have been gathered each lifetime. At the same time, families gather, they share and reminisce, and when each is ready they begin to work on the spiritual evolution of the light body energy they carry within.


The best analogy I have as to how the spirit evolves is that each lifetime we wear a different coat. It is our personality, our sex, our drives, ambitions and quirks. At some point in time after death, usually fifty or so years in human terms, the spirit or light body within, is comfortable and sheds the human form, putting it in the closet along with those of countless other lifetimes. We can always reach back and remind ourselves of lifetimes past by trying on those other coats that hang in our closet. We retain all past memories and experiences within the body light and have full access to the records of past lifetimes and each pathway followed. Because unconditional love is all around us in this dimension, the loves of the past and present are always with us – they are bright flashes of light within our lights and are a constant reminder of love that was shared and experienced lifetime after lifetime.


There are homes in Summerland, schools, gardens and libraries. Anything and everything you can imagine, except stress, anger, depression and anxiety. If your spirit needs something to ease it into the light, it is provided. You take as long as is needed to shed your human form and become light body energy. There are those who have taken thousands of our years and others that are just passing through. But the rule of thumb I am told is that about a hundred human years is the average stay in this dimension.


The evolution of the spirit is the purpose for reincarnation. The reason we come back time after time in different shapes and sexes is to give the soul the experiences it needs to move into the greater dimensions that await us. That greater light of the infinite is always drawing us forward and stretching us to greater wisdom and compassion.


I want to mention that as far as I can tell, the animal kingdom is also a part of the whole plan. It is my understanding that animals, especially our pets, have individual spirits and go through much the same sort of process. I know they are present in Summerland because I’ve seen them there through the eyes and hearts of spirits that have communicated with me. I don’t know if they are evolving towards becoming human … Sometimes I’ve met people that I’m sure this is their first time around and sometimes I’ve been close to animals that I’m sure will be human next time around. One thing I do know is that we never go backwards we always evolve – what I’m not sure of is the sequence in which the spirit evolves. Animals often give unbelievable unconditional love – Which makes one pause and think just a bit.


Another question that has been asked often is, are there churches in Summerland? The answer is that there are as many houses of worship and manner of worship as there are here. In the here and now, most of the debates and squabbling about religion are because of the human consciousness, the ego and limitations. Once these are shed on the other side, the souls of the spirits blend together in unconditional love, into and that is truly blissful. When this happens, they understand they are all the same because they are all based on the Golden Rule and the Infinite is the light that fuels them.


All of this being said – why would anyone in their right mind want to come back? Simple – this is where we evolve; this is where we learn our lessons and become better people and brighter soul energies. The other side is for assimilating – this side is for learning and gathering, experiencing the results of our actions and hopefully getting a glimmer of the unconditional love of the infinite. We are given all of eternity to get it. We are given limitless chances to gather what is needed. There is never failure, only learning. There is never judgment – only welcoming and love – and time.