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Get the Message? – At creation – in the beginning – when the INFINITE Spirit created the souls of mankind and all life as we know it, a process was begun – a journey initiated. We all know on some level, that we carry within our mortal coils, a spirit that is immortal and a piece of the Infinite, creator of all. Some of us believe that the soul reincarnates lifetime after lifetime throughout eternity, gathering wisdom and evolving back to the source of all light in the universe. How often do we reflect upon that part of ourselves that has no physical form and yet is the driving force behind every lifetime we experience. Within each of us there rests a soul – a spirit – a part of the Infinite, that we carry through, in our physical bodies, lifetime after lifetime. When we enter a lifetime we have full knowledge of the spiritual process – we have come directly from the connection with the Infinite – we have full knowledge of past lifetimes – the purpose of this lifetime and what is yet to come. We know the pathway we are directed towards and we have full knowledge of the love of the Infinite and trust in that love. We can see to the different realms and dimensions and we can see spirits and communicate with them. Of course we can’t share any of that information with our physical families because the human form has not developed to that point. By the time it has, the ego and the personality have developed and the soul fades into the recesses of the consciousness to ride out the lifetime gathering and evolving because of the experiences the lifetime presents. We do have a connection with that part of ourselves, though we seldom take advantage of it. We are able to touch into that energy and get guidance and wisdom from it … though few take the time. The soul, being a part of the infinite, is our link to the source of all creation. When we pray it is through our soul energy that the message is sent – soften in prayer we send – we speak – we question, and yet, how often do we listen? There are always answers, though not always in words. The answers come as signs within our lives – they are subtle and often missed.

The days of the burning bush and thunderous voices from the clouds are long gone. The Infinite Spirit has been there and done that. Our souls are capable of receiving messages if we but listen – if we but quiet that human part of the constant chatter that goes on inside our heads and listen quietly. Being still and listening is an art everyone is capable of … letting go of the personality and the ego a bit difficult but not impossible. The connection between our souls and the Infinite is a two way line if we but open to what is being sent. Because this is on a spiritual level often the day-to-day issues won’t be addressed – but spiritual matters – those of evolution and philosophy will constantly shower over you and with these tools you will better be able to deal with the day-to-day questions. Your answers will come in feelings and visions rather than words. They will present in unusual ways but they are there.

Up front and personal our problems can seem insurmountable – from greater perspective of a soul evolving and growing through a difficult time – it is only a ripple, a very small ripple in the sea of time. By taking the long view, understanding it is only a lesson to stretch and enable the spirit to grow, difficulties soften. If we but quiet ourselves and listen … if we quiet ourselves to the moment and allow ourselves to receive love and compassion, and love from the other side … things take on new meaning and we are better able to use our connection to the Infinite, allowing our soul to more frequently manifest within our realities. Each one is unique and precious … each of us are on a journey that none other has traveled … and the souls we carry within are as different as the snowflakes … no two are ever alike. The personality, the ego, the human form were all created to carry that very precious soul through this lifetime and countless others too numerous to imagine. Remember your precious cargo … this is only one of millions of lifetimes it has traveled and this time you were created to be the carrier and the one to experience the lessons so that it could grow … You are that soul wearing the garments of this lifetime.